What we know (and don't know) about Ebola – Alex Gendler

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The highly virulent Ebola virus has seen a few major outbreaks since it first appeared in 1976 — with the worst epidemic occurring in 2014. How does the virus spread, and what exactly does it do to the body? Alex Gendler details what Ebola is and why it’s so hard to study.

Lesson by Alex Gendler, animation by Andrew Foerster.


Maryam H says:

Watching this in the middle of a pandemic! If such deadly diseases as ebola and coronavirus couldn't discourage ppl from eating bats I don't know what would! Right now bat scientists are busy observing humans and if this corona nightmare also proves to be ineffective God knows what their next move will be!
Ps. Plzzzzz stop eating batssssss!!

Marvel James says:

why is everything bats?

ACE234G5I6 says:

ok so you said ebola can enter by mouth and you said it can only exist in bodily fluids you said feces so feces into mouth is a way of spreading?

Jennifer Tush says:

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Dastan Bputra says:

Ebola:*Infects some of Africa*
Coronavirus:Nice settlement you have there,Would be a shame if someone would've destroyed it :)

Slaves 82 says:

Century outbreak

bighomie jomar says:

is there a way to delay or weaken the immune response? from what im seeing on most of these videos, sure people get hurt from the virus but most often it's the immune system overreacting that kills the host

rudraksh soni says:

and we thought that the coronavirus would end the humanity

Paul Sunday says:

I suspect Ebola is a biological weapon from the West that was tested on "poor" Africa(ns)

Teja sai 1525 says:

Food habits are main reason for these dangerous viruses to born 😐

Salija Suneer says:

Lemme just say this EBOLA IS ALSO KNOWN AS cOroNa

fantasy5 says:

Ebolavirus is coronavirus's long lost cousin

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