What is #Ebola #Virus #Disease (EVD) or simply Ebola? (Pharmaceutical Science)

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Authors: Anshupa Patel Gupta, Himani Tambde

Abstract: Ebola virus disease or simply Ebola is lethal viral hemorrhagic fever caused by Ebola viruses. Many outbreaks have been seen from 1976 to recent 2016, killing around 50 % of persons affected. The Ebola virus includes six species of virus out of which Zaire ebolavirus has highest mortality rate. To get protection against this virus, the vaccine was invented by scientists at the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC). In 2014, Merck got the licence to develop this from Newlink (which was first licensed from PHAC). Now Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp has got approval in December 2019 for manufacturing it under the trade name ERVEBO®. ERVEBO is a live recombinant viral vaccine in the form of sterile suspension for intramuscular injection. It is to be administered in single 1 ml dose. Though it has few adverse effects it will certainly be a milestone fighting against Ebola disease.



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