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What happens when you get ” Ebola Virus” – New Documentary HD 2014 | Ebola Videos

What happens when you get ” Ebola Virus” – New Documentary HD 2014

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What happens when you get ” Ebola Virus” – New Documentary HD 2014 Ebola virus disease, Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, CDC, Centers for Disease Control, Ebola Cent…

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cabadejo says:

This is a hoax. 100%

Why are we hearing about Ebola 24/7?
There are so many more important diseases on the planet but we are being
indoctrinated about this.
Over 600 000 people die of malaria a year, just from malaria. We don’t have
even 5 minutes on that let alone like it is.
This is a total hoax.
A small number of people may have had Ebola. It has fairly nonspecific
symptoms, headache, myalgia, fever, stomach pains, diarrohoea and sickness,
painful swallowing. Occasionally there can be bleeding.
Treatment is fluids, painkillers and if necessary whole blood transfusion
but only a minority will ever need this.
i watched some of the information on the British Medical Journal site.
The symptoms are so nonspecific and testing is not happening many other
conditions will be labelled as Ebola.

They want everyone to be vaccinated. There is profit in this and God knows
what poison will be in the vaccines.

People need to start thinking for themselves.
Why are you being force fed hysterical “news” on this “plague” day after
day when there are 100’s of more important conditions in the world?
Why can people still travel freely out of the allegedly affected countries
if this is such a threat?

gary winkler says:

Dr. Kilmarx wife is a dude! These primitives piss and shit in the same
water that they drink from, its no wonder that they are all getting sick.
How desperate to you have to be to want to eat a bat! Come on! they don’t
even have any meat on them but for people who would eat the ass out of a
camel after fucking it, I guess that isn’t much of a problem. The cure for
being a ass backward primitive sub-human Muslim is Ebola…and the cure for
Ebola is death. 

harKazoid86's N64 Hub says:

This documentary is old I saw this years ago??

Josh Miller says:

Ebola. Ones Nightmare. Another’s Entertainment.

Eloheem Son says:

This man talking is a scammer involved with the elite, because if it was as
bad as he claimed, why does he not have body protection, and mask?

Harvey Holloway says:

There is immunization with herbs. I use it all, and since the full extent
of the epidemic is larger than you are being told, I will continue using
full herbal immunity procedures. I have nothing to worry about, by touch,
air born, or??? makes no difference. I am safe. I give out this info for

kimberly j says:

Living in the last days #Repent give your life to Jesus he is the way the
truth and the life 

55bigcheese says:

why has the soundtrack been changed so the doctor can’t be heard?

trev moffatt says:

How many of these people are dying from Cholera and how many from Ebola?
Six months ago, the great threat was a cholera epidemic in West Africa.

Sometimes I think these epidemics are a two way street, serving both NGOs
and Western politicians alike.

In that Cholera won’t spread to the West, so doesn’t receive any aid; so
the NGO’s diagnose Ebola instead of Cholera. At least then patients will
receive medical care and won’t be left on the street to die.

On the other hand, it allows Western media and politicians to pretend
poverty rates are falling due to trade liberalization policies. Covering up
perfectly avoidable diseases like TB, Cholera and Malaria, synonymous with
poverty, with exotic incurable diseases like AIDS and Ebola. 

infinite Social Warfare Antitheist Goblins says:

Christianity is dangerous. They will convince you Ebola is fine and you
don’t need a vaccine. Don’t be foolish, get a vaccine. Let the Christians
die in their stupidity and faith in God.

The Christians will also disagree that mercy killing is good, I think its
obvious that mercy killing is justified on some of these people.

7/8 seems high…

You know who should be helping here, the homeopathy clinics. What if they
have holistic alternative medicine to fix this. Oh, no where to be found?
That’s strange, I thought for sure diluted cinnamon would cure Ebola. I
wonder why they don’t have as much faith as I do.

Ac1DGoD says:

40:08 WOAH so they tried hammering a bunch of nails into that girls scull
to stop the virus! did it work?

Gemes Eric says:

The name of the channel is hillarious, look at how he writes disease XD

Daniel Gontar says:

this documentary seems to be messed up in certain places where the audio
does not match with the picture. But it seems to be an actual mistake in
the production of the documentary itself. 

Eloheem Son says:

This is a scam by the Globalist Jew criminals to thin out the population by
scarring the people into taking a vaccine that will do the actual killing
of the population who takes the vaccine. Look who is at the head of the
CDC, it’s a Jew. Jews are the literal DNA of Satan their father, and Obama
is one of them through his mother. John 8:31-59 Jews are Esau edom. Look at
all the high positions within the US Government these Jews are in, and you
will see the facts they are evil, and behind all the wars, and other wicked

Joyce Wilder says:

They are wearing protective gear and no gloves??? Nice way to spread a

John M Legbedje says:
Afco vzw says:

Now , we all know the Evil (CDC) behind this genocide. No more bullshit.

Nkosi Okonjo says:

Weather or not you want to admit it your own government is allowing FDA and
CDC to undermine the masses with false reports concerning poisonous
additives in your water and foods. Toxic materials being emitted from jets
flying over your cities everyday, medications that do more harm than good
being sold earning the pharmaceutical industries billions of dollars EACH
DAY! MONSANTO engineering harmful and dangerous herbicides, GMO’s that are
infecting and changing the human genetic code of humans and not being
inspected by the FDA for testings. Flu shots filled with harmful excessive
amounts of Mercury and other harmful deadly chemicals causing brain damage
in the elderly, babies being diagnosed with unheard of allergies. You feel
like you want to play the blame game on Africa while you’re being fed and
injected with poisons each and every day by your own government, you are
being systematically eliminated. Why do you think that a person in their
RIGHT mind would allow a dangerous virus such as EBOLA to enter the
country, not enforcing, regulating and detaining those people leaving parts
of Africa’s dangerous and infected areas. They are not stupid….YOU ARE!

Blaise St-Amant says:

Wow, Africa started first blood transfusions. Go figure USA wouldn’t admit
to getting there medical advice from a 3rd world catastrophe. How ignorant
can Americans get!!! 

Sihle Cash says:

Answering the question of Cabadejo, it is because Ebola is the most
dangerous diseases that we have in the world now, its killing a lot of
people in the West and as well as other countries since it started. So all
the nations they making sure every person is educated of this disease.
However, it has been estimated that by 2015 it would have killed a million
of people, can you see how serious it is. It is a fast spreading disease,
that’s why we hear about it 24/7 because a lot of people are dying in
numbers than other diseases and to know about the disease so that we can
protect ourselves. Knowledge is very important. 

Brandon Pangelinan says:

the u.s has the cure but they only give it to people that are important to
his or her country

Leonardo Ruiz says:

There are some really ignorant comments based on irrational fears and lack
of education. Ebola is a serious threat. Yes there are many more serious
diseases that are effecting a lot more people and the media have been
covering Ebola to a point where it is creating an irrational fear. But
Ebola has a 50% mortality rate and is easily contracted from bodily fluids.
It is an issue and is not a hoax. There are actual people being killed by
Ebola 5,000 people so far. The media is over reporting because Ebola news
sells just like many other fears like Russia, ISIL, and etc. But we should
not ignore the facts. And vaccinations have not been proven to have wide
spread negative health effects and if it does in vary small numbers with
acute affects. This is because of all the safety testing and regulations
done by the FDA and other medical organizations. Vaccinations saves
millions of life’s each years and can save many more if more people in poor
regions had access. Ebola is not an issue in the US but if we don’t help
stop the spread of Ebola in west Africa we could face it here. But we
should definitely help those countries and others around the world with
medicine and treatment for other diseases as well . Plus don’t fall for
conspiracy theories because they sell and they make lots of money off your
fears as well. 

Cheryl Ann says:

What controls Ebola spreading, is not letting people in or out. Not
sending our troops to effected areas. 

Sheena Hunter says:

Don’t fear Ebola,,, Fear all the government protocols and quarantines that
come as a result!! Slowly stripping people of all their civil liberties!
### Martial Law!!! Wake up people!!!!!

zulucowboy says:

The two nurses in Dallas who contracted this disease, did so because they
took the virus home with them on their shoes. I even did a video about it,
if you care to see my channel. Healthcare workers in West Africa are doing
the very same thing. They go in to help treat these Ebola patients; and
when they’re done for the day, they get decontaminated thoroughly and
change into their street clothes. Then they walk out of the treatment
center, across contaminated ground that Ebola patients have been vomiting
and toileting on. They go home, take their shoes off and forget to wash
their hands. They rub their eye, pick their nose, have a smoke, prepare a
meal and BAM! This is the most overlooked vector of Ebola transmission. Yet
nobody is paying attention to this? This deadly disease is being
transmitted around on people’s SHOES!!! Every individual who walks around,
outside of those treatment centers is walking right through it, and taking
it home to their families. All the while thinking they are safe, because
they didn’t actually get near an Ebola patient. Ever stepped in dog shit?
Ever notice how hard it is to get that smell off your shoes, once you do?
This is exactly what I’m talking about. Healthcare workers, (and everyone
else) need to disinfect their shoes, and wash their hands, after coming
home. It’s the unsanitary conditions on the ground, on doorknobs, elevator
buttons, drinking fountain handles, soda machines, and everything else that
millions of people touch on a daily basis, that’s going to be the death of
us. Wash your hands and disinfect the bottoms of your shoes; before you
bring this crap home with you, into your living space. Literally… ~

Themanwith thepancakes says:

I feel like every one of the comments I read kills my brain cells 

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