What doctors wear to treat Ebola patients

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Sanjay Gupta shows how the CDC advises medical workers put on and remove the protective suit worn while treating Ebola.


Cahoula says:

Stop the flights.

DynamicUnreal says:

Whoa, seems like too many things that can possibly go wrong. I don't know much about this stuff, but wouldn't it be better to wear a hazmat suit and get sprayed down by a chemical disinfectant after every contact before taking the thing off? 

Koushi says:

just some advice 
CDC didn't put out enough protection in this protocol

even the medical staff in Liberia have more protection than that.
do the right thing and wear a full blown hazmat suit.

and mask filtering the air.

the CDC protocol is shameful to say the least

Deadbydawn71 says:

Why are they using full hazmat suits in Africa and not in the US? Every time the news showed health care workers anywhere near infected ebola patients they had full hazmat suits on. I sure hope the nurse in Texas recovers.

Brenda Hernandez says:

we are not prepared for Ebola

Brenda Hernandez says:

We can't take cover for ebola

Prest says:



Ebola can also be breathed in I dont give a fuck what they say.. where a air respirator

SulforaphaneMeUp says:

I think they do a better job in Liberia. 

Pleasanarchy says:

Why Dr. Gupta do you show the improper method rather than the correct to the mass population?

silverbullet408 says:

Thats fucking crazy, they take this shit very seriously

Jason Grey says:

Thats no where near enough protection! XD

Jason Grey says:

First! Fisrt first

usapilot78 says:

Repent and believe the gospel Jesus is coming. Don't believe the NWO lies, they are everywhere!

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