We Were There – Ebola

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Video recording of September 5th “We Were There” lecture detailing the CDC response to the Zaire Ebola outbreak of 1976.

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A says:

Nature keeps trying, WHITE man keeps stopping it. LET NATURE TAKE ITS COURSE.

A says:

Nature keeps trying, WHITE man keeps stopping it. LET NATURE TAKE ITS COURSE.

Wena-Maré Müller says:

Sad i live in South Africa i hope we don't get it 😑😫😢

Jo Jo says:

It seems to repeat about every 4 years like the president elections – coinsidence?

Jo Jo says:

By Statistics 90% of Ebola cases die in Congo when only about 50% die in West Africa. Congo is the worst place to have treatment according to the numbers and Uganda is the best with only 32% death procent in 2007. So move from Congo to Uganda for treatment and your luck will practically turn around from certain death to likely surviving. Perhaps people should ask what people in Uganda are doing that Congo is not. And because the figures stay the same through the decades it is more up to the treatment than the disease.
Perhaps Ebola is NOT that deadly, but if EVERYTHING is deadly in Congo – you shall get nice news folks to buy your papers from Statistics in Congo.
I wonder how they can test the disease but not the electrolytes nor how much liquids the patients need etc. Perhaps we should donate some basic blood test devices and calculators to Uganda and beds so people do not have to wait in a gutter or ditch for available bed (for others to die).
I knew Africa can not treat people, but to scare the whole world because one place can not treat its patients is not responsible at all! Nobody dies for it in proper treatment but EVERYBODY dies in poor/absent treatment. My eyes just opened – literally!

L3nnyAnd Blitz says:

0:40 9/11 intensifies

Skyfall says:

severe lung issues associated with vaping – i bloody knew it………how can vaping possibly be safe, utter bollocks from another corporate monster looking for another way to extract everything from anyone….

Alexander Castrejon says:

it's been 5 years bruh


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