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Wayne Madsen Breaks Down The CIA’s Ebola Petri Dish History | Ebola Videos

Wayne Madsen Breaks Down The CIA’s Ebola Petri Dish History

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Alex Jones talks with Wayne Madsen about where Ebola started and how it has spread to what it is today. http://www.infowars.com/secret-project-created-weapon…

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Nonpeon says:

Madsen’s interview with Paul Joseph Watson was highly critical of Israel
and rather excellent, but here he’s being offered a position with the Alex
Jones Media Empire while Jones tries to tone down criticism of Israel.

Worldin Pains says:

mmm.. secret sauce.. yummy!.. blaarghh (5:41)
Great show. A lot of info as usual.

Jay speed says:

great interview..learned alot..will spread information..strength in

emeka neon says:

Listen & Watch 

Nonpeon says:

Stop Lying Alex. It IS AN ISRAELI GOVERNMENT program to arm ISIS. What a
fucking doucebag liar!! 

Jay speed says:

i recommend watching the stand..pay extreme attention..dissect it..theres
something there i believe..the liberian flag in the new transformer
movie..liberia texas link..nigeria diamond opperation that was attempted by
the us just prior to an “outbreak”..oh yeah that w.h.o spokesperson died on
mh17 _one of the “missing” planes.arm yourself with knowledge
people.connect the dots..they are right in your faces dammit :) alex.thank
you for attempting to wake up alot of sleeping people.thank you.

Nonpeon says:

Funny how Alex is worried about whether the Zionists are listening by
criticizing (mildly) Israel and saying IT’S NOT CRITICIZING ISRAEL. He’s so
scared to tell the truth. I think marrying his Jewess wife was a ploy to
help his career, and a program by her peoples to monitor his activities as
he was promoted by them to be the main voice in the patriot movement so it
could be steered in the direction that they wanted. He claims to be a
Christian but supports Israel (as his earlier radio broadcasts make clear).
It is outlaw to proselytize Christian dogma in Israel NOW. What a fake…

Jay speed says:

after his removal..also a book was written in 1999 by frederick aldrich
named patient zero..check what its about..vvveerryy relavent to all this
ebola nonsense..also lol i decided to watch the stand by stephen king last
night.never seen it…MAN!! alot of ebola green that you see every when you
watch coverage of this nonsense..the holiday inn??? lol commercial from
2001..the simpsons reference with curious george.the stand makes a stupid
random references to curious goerge as well…anyways

Jay speed says:

see what you get when you find the meaning of vinson..which also happens to
be the last name of one of the supposed infected nurses..and thomas eric
duncan…T.E.D.check them out..and the meaning of duncan for that
matter..brantly..the name of the 1st nurse supposedly saving the day with
his blood lol.check out what was going on in june 14′ regarding ebola and
the sudden demise of an unfavorable to the elite who just happens to be the
w.h.o.spokesperson at the time.see what transpired immediatl

Francis Ducharme says:

Uhh, Madsen is wrong about that. There is strong witchcratch bullshit
beliefs going on in sub-saharan Africa which contribute a lot to the
spreading of these disease, CIA involvement or not. Let’s cut the PC BS for
the good of Africans.

Marshall Banana says:

“It’s fake blood, folks.” HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Alex, please, stop dumbing
down you message to cater to people who don’t know blood spatters on a
shirt are fake. These people DESERVE to be confused.

boarder989 says:

Always great when Madsen is on excellent interview! 

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