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Watch: Ebola patient escapes quarantine centre in search of food | Ebola Videos

Watch: Ebola patient escapes quarantine centre in search of food

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Subscribe here: http://bit.ly/ODNsubs A man has escaped from an Ebola quarantine centre, sending local people fleeing in fear as he walked through a local ma…

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M.T.G says:

1:12 “workers eventually forced the man into a waiting ambulance”..? Ha !
More like a chicken transport utility! 

Marcus Björn Rydström says:

Could have used a sniper there.

Riiiisc says:

Why don’t they start cleaning their streets, there is mud all over the

Kieran McCarthy says:

I thought Ebola could only be transmitted through bodily fluids, why are
they running away?

Toenism says:

Niggers are going to be the end of mankind.

Marcus De HÍde says:

They should have waited for him to climb a tree and then darted him. Was
that video from Detroit or Ferguson ?

P Port says:

Its incredible the lot of racist a d egocentric people in the comments.Its
inhuman kill someone for this if we can help,of we cant we at least need to
try.Some people need to pass by situations like to understand what is

Bon Vant says:

Look at the man’s profile at 1:04. This is they typical cranial structure
of blacks. Notice the forehead is set back from the jaw and slopes
backwards. There is a whole part of the brain that blacks either lack
completely or have only a vestigial part. It is the “pre-frontal” cortex.
This is the area of the brain that is responsible for abstract thought,
reason, empathy, and morality. What we see here is a world without
pre-frontal cortex structures. There is no empathy from the sick man
towards others. there is no concept of an abstraction, such as an illness
that has not yet manifested in death. The creature does not comprehend the
situation. All it knows is that it is hungry and able to walk about. Things
which have not yet manifested themselves physically, such as more severe
symptoms, just do not exist to the negro brain. The whole situation
happened of course because without abstract thinking ability, there is no
ability to comprehend disease, no ability for empathy for others. In such a
world voodoo doctors are the preferred choice for “healing”. In such a
world where no rational connections can be made between cause and effect
then they believe that jumping up and down and shouting and dancing can
cure an illness. In such a world those who can put on the best performance
are the ones chosen to heal sickness. In such a world where there is no
empathy those who ran the clinic do not care to feed the patients there.
They can not think ahead in time to what the ramifications of not feeding
them might be. This is truly a world of retarded morons.What we are
watching is a world where they are all retarded, ultra narcissistic, where
there is a total absence of empathy and morality. What we are watching is

Nigel Hornbean says:

I wonder what’s in those sprayers? 

n2dabloo says:

Sirleaf needs to be sacked. She is clearly not capable of making proper
decisions concerning her people’s safety. The events taking place there
are barbaric to say the least. 

cwuzii says:

Funny looking ambulance… 

Tangerine Farmer says:

If a hospital is not even feeding their patients then they are not a
hospital at all, but rather a warehouse where they wait for people to die.

PraetorianPCs says:

I’m sorry but how moronic can you possibly be?? Just an example of
Darwinism in action, that’s all..

johaninjhb1980 says:

some told him they are going to cut off his whee-whee

Chilllaxxinn says:

Omg not more idiots escaping.

odcrl1 says:

fucking illuminati jews I rather die from ebola than bow down to any of

chinezeFURY says:

Spoilers: Ebola is not the problem, but the solution ;)

Mygaffer says:

I heard that Ebola Chan’s love is for all Africa’s children.

Richy GC says:

shoot the fucka! job done.

mrstuperstefan says:

WOW! Just like a movie.

starcopper x says:

Ebola death % is more like 50% in those countries becous of little or no
care! the stated 90% death is simply not correct.. ..in europe ebola death
rate would prob be like 20% of those infected

I LIVE says:

Is that in Detroit? Or Baltimore, or E St Louis, or Memphis, or Somalia, or
Haiti? Oh FFS what’s the difference, wherever blacks are the majority, it
always looks like hell.

128pagenovella says:

London is looking awesome right there. 

Fayez Salka says:

This looks like a scene from an apocalypse movie

Scott Spiro says:

In a while, this part of Africa is going to be redder on the map than the
People’s Republic of China. 

lasse koski says:

send virus in syria and iraq that stops their war

David Norris says:

Good, Darwinism is action. 

Michael Harris says:

Im glad hes gone, shall we have some bush meat?

Ibrahim Mohammed says:

Looks like a scene out of a movie….

Robert Ibeh says:

Selfish idiot.

maRk John says:

Wheres is this? Detroit, philidekphia? Chicago, ferguson? Lol, we re all
equal lol

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