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WARNING – Ebola Legal Czar Seems To Have Put The Brakes On Ebola News In The U.S. | Ebola Videos

WARNING – Ebola Legal Czar Seems To Have Put The Brakes On Ebola News In The U.S.

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Ebola Legal Czar Seems To Have Put The Brakes On Ebola News In The U.S. Over 5000 People Have Now Died From The Ebola Virus Ron Klain Ebola czar Ebola In U.S. Ebola Outbreak Africa Ebola.

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William Hall says:

I’m wondering if this is just an elaborate scheme to smuggle diamonds. 

Pete Kiryluk says:

Why do CDC groups even bother to find and backtrack the infected for what,
if you dont want to quarantine serleone for a 2 months, then there is no
point in anything else. Because these idiots are letting the rest of the
world get infected without any kind of knowledge to the whereabouts of the
people from corleone getting off air planes at random times of the day
jumping from plane to plane and country to country. This is just stupidity
at its finest. A place where 90% of the population cant read or write or
use a ruler for their hand made hospital shanties, having a population IQ
of 70 basically known as borderline retarded, which has no real working
economy or production of any kind, where some of dirtiest stupidest people
on earth live, belief in wizards and witch doctors, from a place where
ebola centers get robbed for infected blankets, is allowed by the CDC, to
just go on any plane switch planes in other places and come to other
countries. Spreading the virus, because at and IQ of 70, they believe its
not a real thing, nor do they use purell or have showers, and they get off
the planes and touch things like gas pump handles door handles, public
toilets, at rest areas, BUT is ok. Don’t “Isolate the country’s because of
>Ebola Stigma….<" Which is the dumbest concept in its self. Since the stigma of getting infected and dying is a stigma! (8 out of 10 people will drop dead from coming in contact with this disease. The numbers Multiply, what happens in a month when 50,000 infected people are roaming around the planet? Will it be possible to quarantine 50,000 people, especially when they aren't showing any signs yet???? SO if they don't want to put a temporary ban of commercial airliners, why bother doing anything else. They quarantine people, they can quarantine off the area then battle it better. Otherwise, don't bother with any of this 6,000,000,000 billion dollar stupidity. "because infected peoples feelings are gonna get hurt because of the "stigma"......

harKazoid86's N64 Hub says:

Out of all the things I predicted about this outbreak I never predicted a
news blackout…. never saw this one coming. There’s hardly been anything
on Ebola unless you dig very deep and visit your local doctors and see all
the Ebola warning posters everywhere (in the UK at least)

larry shannon says:

Ues, they are hiding it from the mainstream.
However, i stumbled across something today. An EBOLA cure was discovered in
2013, using natural plants compound. This info is available on youtube.
Ironically, after this discovery, …one year in a half later.. .. we get
an outbreak! ?? Ya…. .. the NWO… has the cure… but… u know how it
goes… its a anout the money, the depopulation, and the rushing in of the

Marie D. Henry says:

Looks like people just are getting tired of watching and listen to this
news. You know how it is people get condition to what is happening and go
about their lives not wanting to think about it. It is a way of shutting
out the fear and worry about something. 

Charles Walton says:
Honest Truther says:
chloe lawes says:

No it doesn’t look good . News blackout on Ebola . This is a massive and
Or better still how the hang mans noose feels?

Blazin Stars says:

fox and cnn msm will claim a pandemic next week,just before marshall law is
shoved right up your arse

MK L says:

12/6/14 **So long, Ebola Czar. Ron Klain is heading back to the private
sector** ….Klain “was not eager to take on this assignment but felt it
was an important thing to do. He agreed to do it with the understanding
that it would be for a limited period of time.

plp27GA says:

Don’t you just feel all warm and fuzzy when you know tthe gov is protecting
you. We just can’t handle the truth. Nor can we handle violence so they
protected us from seeing a dead bin laden, those pictures were just too
graphic. I am so disgusted with gov and the media! The only TRUTH left
can be read in our Bible. God warned us of these days and gave us Jesus!
He is my truth!

Chloe Stevens says:
Brandon Carter says:


This death and disease(Ebola) in Africa is…
anyone familiar with what the scriptures from the bible predicts
(Revelations). We are already in the tribulation folks and even great
tribulation when Satan goes one step further in his mission to annihilate
God’s chosen people(Negroes) who are in fact the true Jews of Israel and
the saints in the last days. You should check out this link…

The Eugenic Program:

Any who have an ear, let them hear.

bhoyt62 says:


zorbatheok says:

Cold weather is hitting america early which coincidently is speculated to
trigger airborne mutations of Evd. We may only receive news of quarantines
via emergency cell phone texts at which time it will be too late.

MK L says:

Ron Klain (ignorant twit) has No Education in the Medical Field! There is
Now OVER 5000 Ebola deaths in Africa!! It has Not been contained. Africa
finally stopped air traffic entering Their Country!! Thank You for sharing
Your Video Update…

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