Virology 2015 Lecture #25: Ebolavirus

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Ebolaviruses first infected human in 1976, but it was not until the 2014 outbreak, the largest ever, did they capture the world’s attention. In this lecture we address five questions about Ebolaviruses: What are they, where did they come from, how do they replicate, how do they cause disease, and how can infection be prevented. And no, they did not go airborne during this outbreak in west Africa.


George Cobalt says:

Which is the proper way to cite your video? I need this for a paper i am writting, and it would be quite lovely if i could have an answer in like… 6 hours. Thank you very much, Dr. Racaniello.

박정수 says:

awesome lecture!

abrar sahi says:

شكرا جزيلا على هذه المحاضرات القيمه

C. says:

I have to give a presentation on Ebola just next week you saved me with this lecture. I found most german articles not really helpful. So thank you very much !

midget6mafia says:

I have read a few documents proposing that the black death may have been caused by an E.bola like virus. I was wondering what your professional opinion is or if you have any theories yourself.

mpgz92 says:

This videos are great!! Thanks a lot from Spain!!

JZoidberg says:

any chance to see these videos in a higher resolution, at least 720p? it's difficult to see the flowcharts at the moment.

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