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Video: Ebola patient escapes quarantine, spreads panic in Monrovia (Liberia) | Ebola Videos

Video: Ebola patient escapes quarantine, spreads panic in Monrovia (Liberia)

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A patient suspected of suffering from the deadly Ebola virus left quarantine in Monrovia to search for food at a local market. The video shows him being chas…

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euronews (in English) says:

[no comment of the day]

euronews (in English) says:

[Video] #Ebola patient escapes quarantine, spreads panic in #Monrovia,

DITRH says:

Ebola is REAL. There is a song and T shirts to prove it!

peekay22 says:

Give me a fucking break…what were these idiots promised to stage this
shit? Does this guy look sick? Does he have vomit all over him? Does he
have blood coming out of his nose eyes and ears? Why would these people
even go near him if they think he has Ebola? WHAT A LOAD OF CROC SHIT.

Rony Kainen says:

+Vlasta Mikhailova врут, летальность до 93% а вот по этому видео тебе
станет понятно почему EBOV так ловко распространяется.
на видео ловля зараженного который смылся с карантина.

Today I'm Goober says:

Can I catch ebola by watching this?

홍길동 says:

wtfs wrong with him

Come Visit Waikiki says:

those guys in the yellow suits must make good money.

Tetra Canabinol says:

this guy diserves to die. hope he is death by now

Raleigh Burke says:

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

Michal p says:

EBOLA Fucking shit send by governments

Kohori Yoh says:


Tony Moretti says:

News: Trending for late 2014, Ebola trolling.

Lord K. Farrington says:

Where is your God now?

Sent from my Reddit App
*~ Lord K. Farrington*

santana s says:

Carajos!! esto no es ciencia ficción… es dura y cruel realidad actual.

Cazan a infectado de ébola; había huido por comida

Las caóticas imágenes muestran cómo un hombre infectado de ébola entra en
un mercado de Monrovia, capital de Liberia, en busca de comida y un equipo
de médicos vestidos en trajes aislantes intenta detenerlo. Fuente: RT

“Los pacientes tienen hambre, se mueren de hambre. No hay comida, no hay
agua”, afirmó una residente de la capital liberiana. “El Gobierno tiene que
hacer algo más. Que permita a Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Presidente de
Liberia,hacer más”, añadió.

Los espectadores aplaudieron cuando los trabajadores de salud, enfundados
en sus trajes especiales, llegaron hasta el mercado para intentar detener
al paciente infectado del virus mortal.

lasthumankind says:

nigga are the village people in the background holding up galaxies or is
the ebola getting into my eyes?

stephenie b says:

Terrifying footage of a man infected with Ebola who escapes from a medical
center. Apparently the medical centers are so strapped for resources they
can’t feed the patients and he was starving so he went on the hunt for

Velvety Thorns says:

You can’t even swallow when you have Ebola, they probably give him pure
fluids, starvation is such a biiitch…. I wonder if people might continue
to escape?

Robert Hollingsworth Jr says:

My prayers to Africa and elsewhere where the rise of this disease of death
has ravaged.


U only see this in movies … and in Africa aparently

delana phelps says:

Oh man i’m gonna pay for laughing at this :) to damn funny!!!! You can’t
write this shit! 

James Dickins says:

I wish to help these people, anybody know their bitcoin address?

Kind Regards, James Dickins, Ambassador Of Reddit.

PhelixJMech says:

Thanks Africa for yet another deadly virus :(

Brad Dunn says:

are they spraying this guy with roundup? lol @ 1:41

Solid State says:

looks like Homestead Florida.

Tomasz Brutkowski says:

Uneducated Liberians….

Dick Fork says:

Can’t wait til ebola gets here.

poncho joe says:

HOw do they know he had ebola? looks fine. I can see this happening
everywhere eventually

David Brainerd says:

Ebola is such a stupid hoax. We know its just greedy bankers trying to take
Liberia’s diamond mines under the pretense of an epidemic that doesn’t
exist. Give it a rest already.

max morbidelli says:

does anyone know what they are spraying on him? 

Sam Jones says:

Why didn’t the police just shoot him? he was a threat to all the people in
the area

Sein Maestro says:

That damn Resident Evil 5…

小白竜 says:


BuildSomeMuscle Man says:

Thats scary as fckk, 4 men dressed in suits like in the movie Hostel,
tryieng to catch you.

Dick Buttkiss says:

Good luck Ebola-chan!

Juan José Cubría J says:

Este es el verdadero terror

Jason Olvera says:

Lol, did anyone see at 1:59 where the guy in the yellow suit falls down
from the truck?


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