US Troops Build Ebola Treatment Hospital

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A 25-bed hospital being constructed in Liberia by the US military to care for health workers stricken by the deadly Ebola virus is nearing completion, according to US military officials. (Oct….


revisory carrot says:

why are all the women fat???? do you even PT

Come Visit Waikiki says:

at least their intentions are good….and it looks good on the
news….hopefully none of them will contract it.

hotpocketpoison says:

an absolute death sentence. id feel safer in a higgins boat on D-Day than i
would anywhere in fucking Africa right now.

William B says:

What caused this strain of Ebola, I’ve been told it is a mutated form of a
prior Ebola.
With all the researches and restricted study programs that go on and nobody
knows a dicky bird about them, one must question why some high profile
country’s continue to bugger about with deadly virus’.
These new hybrids or mutates cannot form by themselves, surely there has to
be an intervention process, then an incubation process, then all of a
sudden this mutate has began to insert its deadly-self into the first of
the persons that began the ensuing horrible toll upon humanity, no matter
the colour or creed.
Perhaps the American Scientists that happened to be in close vicinity when
the Ebola mutate was diagnosed could offer some advices that could have
better alerted the World, or the World Health Organization, that a deadly
plague like Ebola had been discovered.
There is very little in this World that happens all by itself, so an event
of some kind occurred to agitate this reported mutated Ebola, so far the
question remains unanswered.

shawn Cramer says:

What kind of us soldiers are these? the once a month National Guard
reserves? Ive never seen such chubby out of shape walking with swamp ass
looking us soldiers in my life. Looks like they got recruited from
McDonalds. Wtf usa gov. This is the image of our soldiers now? Give them
bitches some PT time damnit!

ThisIsTurok1 says:

I hope they experiment on them with new untested drugs, that way the mice
can have a day off. =)

Primalxbeast says:

25 beds? Guess they’re just getting started.

Plantrjr says:

really look motivated and organized. 

PigMine 6 says:

America to the rescue

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