US row over mandatory Ebola quarantine

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The American nurse being treated for possible exposure to Ebola has left hospital and will remain in quarantine at home. Kaci Hickox has threatened legal act…


havfaith S. says:

Hopefully she stays at home. Doesn’t fly, go on ships, on subways, try on
dresses, or go out to eat. Funny in Africa hey quarantine, here they sue.


I am from the Latvian. I understand people who are infected with Ebola. I
express my condolences to the relatives and friends of patients. Whenever I
could, I would donate one billion Ebola treatment. Thanks to the brave
doctors who fearlessly went to the infected. Teresa Ramos, a nurse from
Spain, also became ill with Ebola, but recovered. This virus, as all of you
know, originated in Africa, in 1976. Ebola symptoms are headache, sore
throat, chest pain, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rash, fever,
lack of appetite, internal bleeding, muscle pain and weakness.
Approximately 90% of the Ebola virus infected survive. Ebola is a river in
the Democratic Republic of Congo in the northern part, where it was
discovered in 1976, killing the virus. Ebola is like a worm, the sinuous
river, which go in you

endtime says:

Ebola epidemic is a planned distraction…

betatalk357 says:

She has a right to where she can be quarantined, but it’s mandatory 21 day
quarantine to ensure she isn’t infectious. This is a precaution to ensure
Ebola isn’t spread and she as a healthcare worker knows better.

BIG Willie PK says:


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