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URGENT: CDC Ebola Quarantine Includes Airborne & Asymptomatic Exposure | Ebola Videos

URGENT: CDC Ebola Quarantine Includes Airborne & Asymptomatic Exposure

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http://pissinontheroses.blogspot.com/2014/10/alert-cdc-removes-fever-from-ebola-case.html (c)2014 www.POTRBLOG.com The CDC has greatly increased the at risk …

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Gail Fitches says:

This is scary. How would know if you came into contact with someone who
came into contact with someone who has Ebola? How many people have had
contact on the airplane flights? 

dragonfly111cute says:

does that mean the people during all these transports are under

Joe Price says:


JM Aubrey says:

Look. I just want the facts so I can best prepare and protect my loved
ones. Thanks again. finally a channel that is giving out accurate
information and you are putting the pieces together and I want to thank you
for that. I don’t want to hear Alex Jones making outrageous claims or bs
about the illuninati depopulating the world.

Don Hawkins says:

Dr Spencer must have infected thousands-
yet nobody is sick-
same thing w/ Duncan he died and no one got sick-
except the girl that hugged Obama-don’t add up! 

harKazoid86's N64 Hub says:

Great investigative work I’m so glad what we’ve all known for months is
finally being made public! The facts aren’t nice but I’d rather be told the
raw truth than spoon-fed a heap of lies. I’ll be sharing the link to this
on my fb great work +potrblog 

carol bellinger says:

NOW is the time to STOCK UP. Dont wait any longer. Stock your cabinets with
food and water. Get all necessary supplies for any sickness. Things are
gonna get real….. FAST

Ladyshystar says:

I see this as their intention. TY Mr. Poterblog. We do appreciate you.

jane doe says:

Don’t you find it strange that all of these people who had Ebola have
either gone on vacation, flew on a plane, rode on a subway and went
bowling? I don’t know about you, but when i get a simple flu, I am too
sick/weak to go any where. This is nothing more than fear mongering and a
great distractions for suckers.

Charlie Church says:

URGENT: CDC Ebola Quarantine Includes Airborne & …:

Bodilesss says:

Important UPDATE 10/29/14

Liz Mason says:


econogate says:

Extremely upsetting the media has ignored this and censored themselves via
instructions from the Czar and Pres. The fact that none of this maybe
getting reported makes the media complicit in this when it gets worse. Also
once it becomes endemic to the wildlife via sewers, it’ll be with us like
the Japanese Beetle.

Nolom Ebal says:

Sounds like another “AIDS” infection. Whatever happened to AIDs. It won’t
matter what symptoms or disease they will diagnosis is as Ebola. That’s
what I think based on just what think.

TheWordprophet says:

So now, in the USSA, if your temperature is 1/10th of a degree above
normal, you are going to prison.

Just Mee says:

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jennifer call says:

Obama is planning on bringing sick Africans, to treat them here. I think if
he’s willing for Michelle to great them, then fine, I bet if the outbreak
was in Sweden, he wouldn’t lift a finger to help those whities.

Bob Neville says:

Why are people surprised? Im not and I knew the great culling was coming
and needed. Those of us that don’t have specialized careers are up shit
creek. Look at the bright side.We, them, us ,you, none of us get out of the
world alive anyway. Dont be so concerned, life gets better. Just wait and

Backyard Wing Tsun - Houston says:

Everybody google “Jon Rappoport’s Blog” and read up on the reality behind
the Ebola.scare. I’t not what it’s cooked up to be.The CDC has absolutely
no credibility.

Maria A. Foster says:
mccolburn50 says:

Well , your video is not tweetable either.. It would seem that Youtube is
blocking any tweets about Ebola.. Wonder why! I’ve tried two different
videos from 2 different people and both come up with error messages

elevendebraeleven says:
Hillary Hays says:

I just posted the following to Twitter: CDC admits airbrne @Ebola& expands
atrisk criteria 4 mandatory mvement restrction/quarantine

But did the CDC make these major updates without notifying the media? Or
the president? Did anyone other than https://www.youtube.com/user/potrblog
‘get the memo’? Apparently not.

Or rather, it’s probable others don’t dare to draw attention to these
substantial changes (in airborne & asymptomatic Ebola transmission). Erm,
if I get d*sap*e*red lolz my loudmouthed tweets are probably why!

1woodmonger says:

Can fly’s transmit Ebola ? There sure is a lot in Africa. and that would
explain a lot of transmissions where nobody knows how they got it in Africa.
yup, what about fly’s and shit.?

FixItStupid says:

Thank You

Josey Wales says:

For Gods sake man wake up. The nurse from Texas had her hair done and then
went to the White House and got a big hug from Obozo. EBOLIE IS A HOAX.

sgdeluxedoc says:

Better not get the sniffles if you’re part of a group under suspicion..
such as Christians, political activists, or constitutional lawyers… or if
you have chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, or hypothyroidism…. Hmmm..

ModernWorldProblems says:

Hi Potrblog, love your vids. I wish someone would address these questions.
When placed in quarantine : Who pays your living cost? Who does your
job? Who runs your business? Who looks after those in your charge? How are
you to buy groceries, etc…

Avedon Blofeld says:
itsa bouttime says:

They knew ,theey had 38 years since it was discovered! TY

Cheryl Jenkins says:

Wow thanks for possibly saving my life my friend. Bless U

l harrison says:

WOW this guy could infect the whole damn city.He must have had a feeling he
was infected,especially after he had diarrhea,and he was feeling tired,then
why did he go to so many places? He should have went straight home,none of
this makes sense.

1woodmonger says:

Walmarts to begin offering health clinics soon. What a great way of
spreading Contagions.

l harrison says:

This seems suspect to me,why now is the CDC changing the Ebola
guidelines,they knew about this virus since 1976,and now they change
thing,and the timing of the Ebola vaccine is very suspect to,it feels like
their changing the guidelines,so they can push this vaccine on the
public.The Ebola vaccine is do out in December,it’s to quick,they didn’t do
enough trails on it,usually a vaccine takes years to develop,and they only
been working on this for a very short period of time.

basicdata says:

http://youtu.be/1BPpag5ik5M some more insight…. I love your videos
pissin on the roses! Thank-You!

jeansprettypups says:

Thank you for all your information, I am feeling something else is going to
be let loose other then Ebola as well

Survivor Kitty says:

Can anyone show me exactly where it says these things on the CDC site and
not just in the POTR website? Maybe it’s just me…but I can’t find what
the video is saying the CDC article says. I’ve read the CDC article at
least 3 times. Something is not right here. 

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