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Update On NYC Doctors-Without-Borders Ebola Patient | Ebola Videos

Update On NYC Doctors-Without-Borders Ebola Patient

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“New York City’s first Ebola patient is free of the virus and going on home this week, city hospital officials confirmed Monday. “After a rigorous course of treatment and testing, Dr….

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NerveAMVMaker says:

I just love Bens logic. The CDC and Federal Government handled the Ebola
event therefore no other organization could have handled it. Thats Like
saying i got a certain job and therefore no one ells could have gotten this

Kelo Palaita says:

If there’s a cure why is youtube spamming the donate to fight ebola fund,
have the asshats who engineered it at the world health org. pay…o right
we still pretending they are creating resilient strains of viruses as
weapons for the future possible alien invasion.

Commodoor64 says:

The federal government got lucky. We all got lucky. The simple truth is
that self-quarantine is a good idea for an infectious disease with such a
high mortality rate… as long as they do it. If they’re not willing to
self-quarantine, they should be compelled to do so. There is no logical
reason to risk infecting others. There is no further discussion needed.
Why? Because quarantining people who are possibly infected is sound public
health policy. We do it with other diseases, why wouldn’t we do it with
Ebola. Infectious TB, cholera, and diphtheria, are all diseases for which
we have mandatory quarantine, why not Ebola? The federal government dodged
a bullet by not having a mandatory quarantine. Next time we may not be so

KMartresse76 says:

So as of right now, there have been more Americans that either were cured
of Ebola, or Tested Negative for it, than deaths in this country from it.


Faduma Adem says:

Ebola kills only the Africans. Hmmmm do you smell something?
This is the native Indian story all over again.

Thomas MacKelly says:

this guy is brave for doing what he does. We should be supporting him
rather than attacking this real American. 

SubliminalOrigami says:

Ben needs some fucking anger management.
You wouldn’t have ANY cases of Ebola in the US if it wasn’t for ‘Big
Fucking Government’ and if this shit had spiralled out of control (which it
looked like it might well do) Ben would singing the same fucking Pro-Big
Government shit but blaming some Obama scapegoat.
Get some fucking self-control you angry fool.

Ladyofunicornia says:

I just commented to see my avatar.

Xanstrom says:

still makes me wonder if someone has it secretly. im still hoping for a
walking dead scenario. we need a world shaking event.

JimboVids2 says:

TYT is the same group of dummies that CRITICIZED conservatives for making
mandatory quarantines just a couple weeks ago, pretending that there’s only
a small risk of Ebola spreading…. so fuck off, Ben.

R Law says:

Humanitarian efforts by Doctors should be celebrated.by.all! HOWEVER THIS
NUT AKA DR. SPENCER WHAT A IDIOT….he takes his simple ass around NYC
knowing full and well there was an incubation period! How irresponsible on
his part! The fact that.the media and gov downed played his irresponsible
actions ie traveling on mass transit,.shopping, dining out coming to my
local hang out spots to chill…..what an idiot & no im not a fear monger
however I do believe in being.safe.not sorry!

Little Bruh says:

Some say that the antidote for the ebola virus is stashed away in some
where no man human will ever dream of going, its in Rosie O’Donnell’s

Mr-D-DiVine-1 says:

theres a cure…..erm how about letting the Africans know what the cure is

theeKiersten says:

Why didn’t the 1st guy live if everyone else in the US did :(

supervegeta101 says:

So why are Africans dying of this disease if literally every American who
gets it is cured?

Brick Tamland says:

its funny how the ebola death rate is like 90% in africa but here in the US
it’s way lower. that’s the most obvious indicator that first world medicine

Rico Suave says:

Hmmm we can cure fellow Americans but we can’t cure Africans hmmm I

Muffin Top says:

Anyone else wanna help me troll the comments sections January of next year
of all the Youtubers who thought there would be a nationwide Ebola epidemic
in a few months time?

Ana Please Sit On My Face says:

I wish Ana infected my face with Ebola with her fine ass.

Ian Walker says:

Christ Ana.
He wasnt “cured”, he recovered.
You make it sound like he had AIDS or something.
Ebola isnt terminal.

Mark Marcus says:

Can you please get ben off the fucking show. He sucks. He hogs face time,
he doesnt know what the fuck he is talking about, his points are weak and
half the time, he doesnt know how to articulate his thoughts into coherent

Anna sucks too. Her points are equivalent, to arguments made by any girl in
highschool. She is naive as fuck.

Anna + Ben = Worst panel ever.

Cenk, when you are not on the show, the quality drops significantly, and
here lately you are off more then you are on. Also, this channel used to be
about Science, Education, and dropping bombs on BOTH political parties.
Ebola is a fucking joke, why are you even reporting on this BS!! Science
cures type 2 Diabetes and you only spent 7 mins talking about it, but how
many hours have you spent talking about Ebola FFS!


FrugalWithCheese says:

Off topic, but does Ana’s chest look a different color then her neck/face? 

Steven S says:

Soooo…….. EBOLA is only really fatal in 3rd world countries where large
numbers of people are not insured, don’t get regular vaccinations and
preventive care, have poor diets and infrastructure, show up late in the
cycle to an emergency room for medical treatment…that costs a GAZILLION

Matthew Lastnames says:

he’s still a carrier and the virus has gone dormant, wait till the flu
season kicks in to full gear ebola will go airborne!!

CaptainMisanthropy says:

Just wait a week or two till the countless people infected by that whore
nurse who just randomly went on a bike ride with her suicidal idiot
boyfriend start showing symptoms to see how effective these libtarded
quarantine measures have been.

If these suicidal fucks want to go and treat people in third world
shitholes then fine, I may even be fine with allowing them to return as
long as it is done on military aircraft with full hazmat protocols and the
idiots are then delivered to maximum security containment facilities where
they are kept for 2 months to MAKE SURE the general public is safe.

And of course all normal travel to these infected shitholes and all
neighboring nations should be instantly banned.

Israel Barraza says:

The Ebola virus is a hoax, they use it for having the opportunity to send
troops in Africa, and to ask for more money to fight it. If you haven’t
noticed the material of the little tent being build with sticks and
plastic! Wtf, how much money is being send and not used at all. Shouldn’t
they have patients in those plastic little huts, yea they should but they
don’t. It’s all a lie, the images shown to us are from other disease. They
are just taking the money for themselves.

eatmorenachos says:

It seems the only cure for an ebola FEAR outbreak is to wait for the
election to pass. Once that was over Fox “news” and the GOP didn’t need a
non-issue to run on anymore.

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