Up-date on massive army to wipe out Israel and Ebola disease

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Frank brings you the latest news on these issues.


keithg gaudette says:

hard to understand the report

Lenn says:

The Word of God (The Holy Bible) is a Heavenly written contract with the contents fulfilled, still getting fulfilled and still yet more to be fulfilled in the Name of Yeshua Hamaschia!!!

Jasmine says:

Muslims=islam=satan=satans people can never win over God/Christ because he eliminating them all. Satan is here for a short time only and now the time is running out. God pretect Israel and his people, Im sure because no can win against God/Christ

Aegon Aram says:

Do you reject the book of Revelations? The book that states Jesus will return and rule for 1000 years before Gog and Magog war?

End Times Research Ministry says:

It is very clear from Ezekiel chapter 38 and 39 that the Lord has chosen a specific day to end the evil coming against the nation of Israel. If you have not read those chapters read them and see what God has stated about this coming invasion against Israel. It won't matter how many men and air crafts come against Israel because in this war it won't be Israel who fights it will be God fighting for Israel. As I said in the video if you do not want to believe the Word of God just wait and remember what you were thought here today.

Jasmine says:

Christ eliminating all muslims, because nobody can hit Christ or his armé, with his superpower.

Jasmine says:

They can never do it, Christ returns protect Israel and his people

Elizabeth Ashby says:


Cherri Zirkel says:

You bet they found the keyhole from CDC on purpose so they can kill many! Evil comes out of our CDC they are the cause of disease so you will beg for a Monsanto cure! Or what Apple CEO hopes you will take the vaccine that will alter your DNA as well your thought processes by ingredients put in toxic vaccines!

michael montgomery says:

so this is an advertisement wth?

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