Understanding the Ebola virus outbreak

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Vicki Bee says:

Yes, PLEASE do tell these people the news has no clue what they're talking about. They told one of our patients (who was there for reasons unrelated to ebola) that you can get ebola from an airborne vector. Which ISN'T true right now. You CAN'T get it from air, drinking water or food.
The patient quickly said "well Sean Hannity said it and he also said he 'doesn't trust CDC,' " which is where I had told the patient I got my information.
My supervisor and partner looks at me and says "Gee, I wonder WHY he doesn't trust information from CDC."
Then said to the patient "Sean Hannity isn't going to let something like the truth interfere with his reporting. The CDC is telling the truth."

Ehab Al-hanash says:

How to diagnose it?

primeraprim says:

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hi says:

Would semen count as a bodily fluid? So could this be transmitted by having sex? Well I guess you really wouldn't be having sex while coughing up blood and having blood pour out your eyes but don't forget some people have fucked up fetishes.

Broseff G says:

i think its a reupload 

hello562826 says:

Today isn't september 16, and I have the first view. How long do they wait to upload?
Isn't this a re-upload?

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