Undercover Prodigy Vs Ebola Effects

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Goal 2,000
Undercover prodigy. Ebola Effects
UTM. M11
Luccages Well Connected


ll Khaliifa ll says:

hold that L

Smackking Kids says:

😂 How you gonna put me on here then Help my crew out

Korrupts says:

Gs Broooo!

GoonTheGod Tv says:

gaaaang 😈💪gs to all

Probeware says:

Gshit Clawing! Really carrying the team with them high K/Ds.. #3-10

weekellz says:

Gs bruh lol m11 ain't got the best squad they just play cheap, Zaiko GG you the only one I still would actually not mind. Rest y'all fuck yourselves😆

Apex Legendary says:

😈😈I will take that 3.50 KD

Don Sin Valachi says:

#EbolaEffectsK we raped them 3rd game 🙏🏻🔥

LilMigo says:

All that shit clawing talks and he can't even pull his own weight 😂💀 3-10 Ganq

Scopinq Rogues says:


Don Alberto UTM says:

Alberto mvp warmup gang straight outta work ;)

ivMamba says:

You Forgot Valachi as well

ivMamba says:

GS Sorry I couldn't Make That Game Last Night

Angel UTM says:

Gs 👌🏼👏🏼 lmaoo


GS u fucc

Raka Mar says:

Fuck LilRicky aka lKilos 😭 Gs Vinny #PrayForMyCannoli

Kobe ll CTUs (Kobe Burns) says:


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