UK Ebola patient: How nurse William Pooley was transported to London for treatment

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The first British national to contract Ebola in West Africa arrived in London on Sunday for treatment.

William Pooley, the 29 year-old health worker volunteered to serve in the Ebola treatment ward in Sierra Leone, during which he contracted the virus. He was flown to Royal Free Hospital in London after being evacuated on a special RAF C-17 plane.

Infected patients are flown in quarantine planes equipped with an Aeromedical Biological Containment System. With the HEPA-filtered device that provides negative air pressure, pathogens are kept from entering the cabin,

Medical staffers are also fully supplied with PVC coveralls, special filtered respirator and other necessary precautionary instruments. As the patient lands and is placed in a special stretcher sealed with plastics, they are allowed to tend to the patient through the built in gloves along the sides.

Scientists are still looking for cure for Ebola, but by treating the symptoms, paying attention to the patient’s vital organs, and proper hydration, there is a chance of survival.

According to the World Health Organization, the number of infected patients has reached 2,615, out of which, 1,427 victims have died of the deadly virus.


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James Latham says:

Do they honestly want to kill us all 

James Fogarty says:

lmaoo bringing Ebola patients back to there home country's with the risk of spreading the infection is just funny cause who's dumb fuckkin idea was that I hope he gets hung

Matt Attack! ''British lad for short'' says:

looks legit :3

Forrunner Gaming says:

I wonder how 2015 will be like… :/

Rumana Begum says:

Uk is probably going to get fucked now WTF Why didn't they treat him in Africa like all the others???

Ward Nine says:

Listen Les
I dont care about the bat eaters,just dont send anyone to sunny Spain please 

Rhys Leeming says:

Throw him in the sea

TheSimonGuy 360 says:

Yay now we all get infected and die!

Mika Sharpe says:


Александр Морган says:

That person who brought the patient over should be shot because maybe shes willing to die but we are not 

yoyowatwat says:

  i guess its best for him to be with his family if hes dieing but they should deal with it where he caught it. but thats there plan i guess to spread it.

Jason King says:

This guy should not have been allowed back into the UK until he was cured or the virus had run its course and he survived. If they wanted to treat him they should have taken all their shit to Sierra Leone and treated him there. Now the whole of the UK is at risk cause of one person.

Ward Nine says:

Rolf Harris can entertain the Syrian troops as well 

Iam Sir Z says:

good job on spreading this shit in europe !! now we just need some rabies, and some black dude to spread this shit with his brainless penis on white trash ! then we sell that Zmapp and make some CHA-CHING … , OR we need that guy who had sex with corpse ! my plan gonna works and we gonna make CHA-CHING & BLING-BLING 
the virus never die, it just need to wait to get inside your vagina
(we just need 1 fucking wrong move and here  we go PLEAGUE.INC)

FoxTailed Critter says:

Whoa keep that fucker back in Africa (he knew the risks) no offense but I don't want that shit spreading over here too.

Erika Pantalion says:

I just heard this morning that he died.

Avidion The dutchie says:

Oh come on why britain i live in scotland btw but still why here we could be fucked

V Paul says:

Thinking of you and your family William …get well soon.

No Gods or Kings Just Men says:

Fucking idiots flying it everywhere.
We're all fucked.
If someones fucking stupid enough to seek out contact with ebola patients and then gets infected they should be treated in Africa.
He knew the fucking risks.

Iputu Satyena says:

1 wrong move…Treat that doctor wrong and here we go… is coming people! Soon ebola will evolve air transmission =(

KingWaffle says:

Alright, who bought plague inc. For god? 

Davidm00sh12 says:

What happened to that cure you posted about the other day?

Ward Nine says:

Send Ramo  bitch with him 

Ward Nine says:

Why dont we send this bitch to Syria and infect all of them ??

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