U.S. doctor risks her life to fight Ebola

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CNN’S Alina Machado speaks with Dr. Aileen Marty, who is traveling to West Africa to help fight the Ebola outbreak.


Nasuno Yoichi says:

respect to you for fighting ebola in Africa, but those who do choose to go, should be stuck there for the duration.
Any doctors or nurses coming back poses a risk to millions more. Help a bunch of people over there to maybe possibly cure the guy, then come home and start a outbreak in another country.
All flights/visas should be banned incoming from Africa.

Alex Bjorn says:

 I don't understand American Physicians continue to put their lives at risk for Ebola and then bring it to the US for treatment.  They don't even have a cure for this illness, so don't tell me these two recently left Emory University Hospital are cured.  I don't believe it. Ebola will reach the US by our own MD's

paul castaneda says:

Second dislike

whoRwe02 says:

How is the Ebola basic diagnosis?
The diagnosis of viral hemorrhagic fevers or ebola infection is based on culture, detection by viral amplification (real-time PCR) on biological fluids and tissues (skin biopsies), the Antigen-capture Elisa. For indirect diagnosis, different serological techniques are possible, IgM detection by immunocapture ELISA, detection of IgG by ELISA, immunofluorescence.

These laboratory tests present an extreme biohazard and should be practiced under the possible more stringent containment conditions (specialized laboratories). Advances in diagnostic techniques have resulted in the development of non-invasive methods (on samples of saliva or urine) and testing inactivated samples that accelerate the laboratory diagnosis and thus help to support cases and combating outbreaks.

What is the relief or "treatment"?

Serious cases must be placed in intensive care unit, because patients are often dehydrated and must be put under perfusion or rehydrated by mouth with solutions of electrolytes.
There is no treatment or specific vaccine for the Ebola haemorrhagic fever or Ebola infection. Several vaccine candidates are being tested but it will perhaps have to wait years before a vaccine can be used. A new drug therapy seems promising in the laboratory. This assessment will continue but will probably take time. WHO allowed their most delinquent judgement.
Ribavirin or equivalents (generics) are used primarily for hemorrhagic fever virus, Lassa fever, Crimean-Congo and in the Hantaviroses.
Experimental studies on the use of hyperimmune sera which have been carried out on laboratory animals developed no protection against disease. (?????)
As of this date, statistical data of ebola deaths are considered unknown. Percentile may differ as the infected (survivor-carrier-host-mortality  paper data can't be verified true and correct.)
Time will tell how are the results of drugs instituted in labs and in the fields.

El Cisne Schwan says:

creo que se debe usar solucion de bicarbonato para las vacunas experimentales. Serìa super economica y muy efectiva. mandar a tomar sopas con mucha cebolla ayuudaria a las defenzas del organismo

Chloe Lin says:

The world is lucky to have you my dear doctor.

You are brave and beautiful.

Acceptant says:

First Dislike

CB Tech says:

Stupid bitch, lol

mabel boone says:

is there any people who are immune?

Robert Hocker says:

Is this why the government wants to send radiation in the environment? To kill diseases created by maniacs?

Missouriflies says:

How long before willing doctors and nurses stop coming forward.  its already happening.  this is MUCH bigger than you think it is.  Much bigger.  just watch and wait

Chris Antomattei says:

The only storey in America on the crisis is two people (doctors) receiving the best care available. Now may I ask about the brave people stuck there.

Patricia Ruff says:

Everyone deserves a chance . Thank u

Benjamin Martinez says:


Eve Muslimah says:

why only doctors are wearing protective clothing ?? 
we should provide clothing for everyone,- at least face masks!!! 

[Petroll Griffin] says: Phuck your subs! says:

yea go to africa to help with ebola then come back here and spread it. i would like that!

another fool trying to do the right thing.. LMAO

pryncessable says:

Brave lady! She should be highly commended. 

nigelbulls23 says:

She is a real hero. Republicans and Democrats are nothing more then weapons dealers that bring pain and suffering the world. This doctor should be rewarded for helping people. Obama received a peace prize for doing nothing to improve our world. They should take away the peace prize from Obama and give it to her

Justin James says:

May God bless Dr.Alina. Our prayers are with you !! #FightAgainstEbola

leur toarnis says:

modern day hero. salute

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