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Tracing Ebola victims contacts in Liberia | Ebola Videos

Tracing Ebola victims contacts in Liberia

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CNN’s Nima Elbagir visits Thomas Eric Duncan’s neighborhood in Liberia where he contracted the Ebola virus. More from CNN at http://www.cnn.com/ To license t…

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Geovannijulzz69 says:

Notice how the 3 african countries that do have ebola are not spreading
outside those boarders. But in the United States it’s spreading like
wildfire? Or the huge vaccination program in Africa right before the
outbreak? Ebola is a eugenics program. There are way to many coincidences.
Or this strain of ebola is completely different than the ebola passed from
animals to humans. They are completely different. if I can find this stuff
how. Why is CNN having so much trouble putting the pieces together?

apervertindeed says:

looks like detroit


it sad My Prayer are for these People.

EngageTheRebels says:

Retarded. Actively seeking to get infected. 

I have been washed by the blood of the lamb, so i can sin and go to heaven. says:

When white people told you to stop eating bush meat because you might get
Ebola, you do it. First you laugh at us, thinking we are ignorant, you said
there is no ebola here. Now look at you, you are in a crisis.

Gbawou Clataylee Kowou IV says:

Excellent report…. but going the extra miles to present Mr. Duncan as
wicked and irresponsible person is very disappointing. If that family had
access to an ambulance n a health facility, Duncan would not have placed
himself in harm’s way. Besides, no health worker came back to inform Duncan
n the others that Marthalyn had died of Ebola…. or to quarantine the
occupants of that house. Health workers later showed up at that home only
because the issue had gone global. To me, Duncan’s case shows the result of
an incompetent, corrupt, and irresponsible government….. Simple as

James Dean says:

It’s Heart Breaking to see people going through this , God Bless those

Arch Yeomans says:

I wished they would fight against the viruses, trojan horses, and all that
spam that comes out of Nigeria first. Ebola needs to be lower on the list
of priorities.

SithSereyPheap1 says:

It’s Earthlings VS Ebola Virus.The people of CAMBODIA wished you health and
quick recovery.Get well soon to all oppressed by this deadly virus……

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