Top 10 Reasons Not to Worry About Ebola

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The recent outbreak of Ebola started in Guinea during December 2013 and has spread to six countries, including the United States. Its arrival in America has made a number of Americans nervous,…


TopTenz says:

We are emailing this list because it is our first attempt and adding
animation and music. Let us know what you think? Don’t worry, we promise
that we will rarely send an email. This is our first ever.

plucas1 says:

#0: Because Fox News verbally masturbated to ebola panic-mongering for
months on end.

If Fox News pushes it, its 100% guaranteed not to be true.

toxicgamersftw says:

great video, hope you get more subs :)

Pavol Almassy says:

I like the new format of the videos and the additon of music in the
background. It makes the video more lively.

Melody Lyric says:

Hey awesome video again. Love that you do actually speak with your
subscribers and actually listen to suggestions. I think the new format is
awesome I support you and will get my friends to support you as well:). 

Princess Sarin says:

Thank you! I shared this on Facebook so people my Facebook friends will
chill out. 

Brian Hoskins says:

once again a excellent and informative list. Well done TopTenz we could do
with more information like this to stop the scare mongers from giving
people false information,

Cure4Living says:

Yeah a civil war will throw off your death rate statistics a bit

Daniel Wright says:

6000? deaths? NOOOOOO, In Africa right now, hundreds of thousands are
dying of it.

RicksterXVI says:

Great video! Love this channel so much. I really hope you get more

IronGolemSquad says:

Thanks man this video made me feel so relaxed and calm. I had been worrying
about Ebola but after I watched this video I felt fine :)

Lord Adblock says:

and here I was hoping it would take out a lot of people. Call me sadistic
if you want I just want a lower global population and less foreign aid

Arian Starup says:

I am soooo freaking scared !! But i know ebola will go away !!

MrRiggyRiggs says:

But but Ebola! 

Rence Mathews says:

Thank you I needed a calm down

Todd Manns says:

I’m less scared of Ebola now☺

XandinhoFC says:


Ali Kasmani says:

Great video. Keep it up. I’ll spread the word so you can get few more subs.

Nevish Gopalsate says:

You said any fluid, does that include tears? Are they contagious too?

Darkknight aza says:

54% still make it one of the deadlisest diseases today. The HN1N virus
killed less than 5% infected in my country.
There are no deadlier infectious diseases, Why ? because those are extinct
or almost.
But there may be deadlier diseases lurking in the nature waiting to emerge.
You sound confident it won’t spread to US but right now 80 people in dallas
are being monitored for ebola symptoms.

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