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Thousands ‘evade’ Ebola lockdown in Sierra Leone | Ebola Videos

Thousands ‘evade’ Ebola lockdown in Sierra Leone

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Thousands of people have defied Sierra Leone’s three-day lockdown to combat the Ebola virus by crossing the border into Guinea without going through health controls.

Health officials in Guinea said people were coming “in waves” through the bush, fearing they would be taken away if they were found to have the disease.

Nearly 30,000 thousand health workers, teachers and volunteers are going house to house until Sunday to educate people about Ebola and isolate the sick.

A UN emergency response f…
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trompacoable1 says:

as if governments ever care about your health…they are killing millions of people constantly. Don´t fall for yet another scam to get you chipped via vaccines.

zorbatheok says:

Ban Ki Moon seems to be smirking

World Tube News says:

"EUGENICS" Georiga  guidestones 2014 was the start  

Wight Power says:

Africa is a massive dump. Africa wouldn't be able to combat this themselves in a thousand years.

daniel chung says:

-.- well said china

Shaina Melo says:

Can you get EBOLA from Mosquito bites ???

Stephane Guenette says:

Unorthodox ways? Sounds ominous..

hell 0 says:

Bio warfare on Africa.

searchandscan says:

Supposedly, Ebola is a blood borne virus. It is not airborne, however, it is spreading too rapidly for it to be solely a blood borne disease. People are scared enough they are scared of even conventionally injured people. So, if it's not contact with blood that is spreading the disease, and it's not airborne, someone please tell me what vector is causing the epidemic to continue… 

UCERG News says:

House to House and Isolate the sick… Scary… For 6 millions people.

levner brown says:

World war Z , African style

Vierotchka says:

Way to spread the virus… :(

Miles O' Brian says:

They should use small bird looking drones to spread it.

CartoonPhilosopher says:

Who cares! Stop supporting white supremacy, let the Negroes solve the problem themselves!

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