The Story of Ebola – How did Ebola start? – Patient Zero

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This is a school project that wasn’t intended for upload to my channel. Enough positive feedback led me to think it was worthy of an upload though…Make sure to check out my stars wars video which came out the same time as this!

Black Man angry at Ebola:
Ebola Media Coverage U.K vs. U.S.A :

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Gabrielle Paguio says:

Pray for all the people.

Rodrigo Jr Sotto says:

The 2 year old kids parents are stupid ok first of all who lets a 2 year old go wonder of 50 meters away

SophesterPlayzMC Was here :p says:

That must have been a real badddd burrito

Six Little Nightmares says:

Well… good thing it is still not in the philippines..

ExtremelyExtinct 23 says:

2:55 music is ether

Salty Retard says:

6:58 lol

JasondamianlolRBLX says:

dafaq why you show pictures of zubat?

aiste stasytyte says:

im having a bad dihheria, smecta didnt help, uh-oh…

TheAnxoiusHero 21 says:

As soon as it just America everyone thinks the world gonna end. Bitch it's been here for time

JOSETEM//TheEmeraldMinecart// JOSETEM says:

Bruh Stop Posting Memes Lolol

Markipooola Buttflew says:

Diarhoea 😏

Jim Kin says:

It's really the governments fault stop letting Africa people in America and other country it's just my opinion so if you get mad over it your just fucking stupid

Arturito Garcia says:

Shut up he's right we're fine

Sad Little MCA.R.M.Y says:

Narrator: March 22
Emos: *screaming*

Baby A Blues says:

I'm Canadian.

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