The Red Scare, History in Repetition.

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Just some random thoughts on terrorism, Ebola, History repeating its self. With a little personal religious veiw. If some have rights than everyone else shou…


theHighDesertPioneer says:

HDT picking up my slack. How’s it going.

Mule TeamSixtySix says:

good video HDT…cheers

Bill Kunert says:

Agree with Hussain on Ebola. I also agree on the live and let live unless
you become a threat. About history, your time frames were correct, the
problem is that we do not learn. Hitler Stalin and others took guns away
from the people they wanted either dead or controlled. We did take all
possessions from American citizens and put them in internment camps. They
lost their homes, businesses, vehicles and whatever they couldn’t carry to
the campus. One of the most evil things in our history. I grew up in the
fifties and sixties, my Dad was stationed in Alaska during the Cuban mail
crisis. We did the ridiculous hide under desk stuff, the upside was my Dad
was issued combat stuff during that time. We had snow forts, helmets, and I
mowed them down with my battery operated B.A.R. I am so happy I grew up
then and not the last year’s where common sense has been abandoned.

JustDanO says:

Freedom also bring responsibility. 

Bill Kunert says:

Agree with JustDano not Hussain.

JustDanO says:

Allow those that go to help back in but in medical segregation until the
chance of contracting a disease passes then release. They went knowing the
risks. So something like a two week holding area where they are cared for
till they are clearly safe to expose the rest of us.

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