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The Education of Disease: The Fight Against Ebola (Part 2) | Ebola Videos

The Education of Disease: The Fight Against Ebola (Part 2)

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Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa began in Guinea in December 2013. From there, it …

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VICE News says:

In Part 2, through the lens of an Ebola awareness team leader named Archie,
we learn one of the main issues that is perpetuating the outbreak —
confusion about the virus itself.

Watch Part 1: http://bit.ly/Ebola-Part-1
Watch Part 3: http://bit.ly/Ebola-Part-3

jerry benjamin says:

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Blame says:

they need this disease in Russia.

Vexalize says:

May the Lord help these people. 

ChingChongLingLong0h says:

This reporter is going to get Ebola. He is uprotected in a confined room
with an infected person. One cough carries 10,000 particals of ebola. Takes
only 10 ebola paticles to get infected.

Bobby O says:

These people are suffering and dying and everyone in the comments are
acting like 12 year olds and making racist jokes. Even if you don’t care
about them the least you could do is show some respect.

SuperSpinos says:

The end is near…

Randy Savage says:

I hate to see anybody sick, but if Ebola made its way to the Islamic state
it wouldn’t bother me too much. 

jazzyj12399 says:

i wanna know we we saved the two docors from ATL hospital that came from

revisory carrot says:

wow no racist ( but there ar some semi) comments

Grey Knight Dante says:

I wonder how General Butt-Naked is doing right now about this Ebola

Twinkle Lips says:

niggers are a god damn failure all over the world not just the USA Canada
and Europe but also in brazil and cuba they are the poorest there also

Frederik Sørensen says:

The idiots need to stop eating bush meat or it’ll end up killing all of

James McIntyre says:

I think that the commentary here is probably the most pathetic example of
ethnocentric and bigoted behavior. Those that express their bigoted views
against those who are suffering are simply ignorant individuals who lack
compassion or any ethical sensibilities. Sincerely, I think that this
behavior is emblematic of what is wrong in American discourse and those who
engage in such diatribe spread resentment and hatred of the United States
to all 4 corners of the world. When you see some American beheaded by ISIS
or attacked in some other land, pat yourself on the back since your
nihilistic existence and your rotting brain filled with hate probably
engendered the attack.

RedTeamReview says:

Why are ALL African countries or any country that has a majority of blacks
always so destroyed, corrupted and slum filled? Even in the U.S. we have
neighborhoods of only blacks where nobody wants to go because it’s so
terrible and crime filled.. Can you really blame white people for
everything? can you really blame a white person for every little thing
someone of color does? because I always hear people saying “it’s the white
devil’s fault”. well….there also a thing called personal responsibility
which gets over looked in the U.S. So why are all these African countries
so fucked up?

Freddie Cucaracha says:

When will people learn. Leave the fucking monkeys alone. Stop bringing them
out of their natural habitat. They are disgusting..they give you
Ebola..they brought us AID’s, they wreck everything…Just look at what
they did to Detroit!

mahadmz4 says:




ThaMightyJangles says:

Thank you ebola chan!

Šmīłē Pūp says:

It saddens me to see that people wish that they want the disease to spread
at a certain area just so all the people there can die… Pretty messed up 

laughattack1313 says:

+RedTeamReview On your question about why African countries are all so
fucked up. I can’t reply to the comment, as there’s no option. idk why.
I point to the age of African imperialism. European countries came in and
established colonies in most of the continent, with most of those colonies
achieving independence after WWII. Most of the African nations are
relatively young, and the colonial era in Africa fostered severe
inequality. Many Africans are now poor in their own nations as a result of
colonists amounting wealth. Many African countries have struggled to remain
stable, and fighting continues in many parts, especially with guerilla
militants. Civil wars and coup d’etates (I’m not familiar with French,
sorry) have been a part of the positive feedback of violence and
instability in African nations.
Thanks for wondering about the question, and don’t worry. I don’t think
it’s racist to wonder. 

Simon Barke says:

2nd part of VICE NEWS report on the Fight Against Ebola – I don’t know a
more genuine news source about what is really going on in Liberia.

Chris00648 says:

God help them (Please no hate comments)

ZeGuillotine says:

Man, I cant tell the difference between these comments and documents from
the 1800’s.

WaffleGames says:

My god, that’s a courthouse? Looks like a fucking homeless shelter.

Tiffanie jinell says:

They say it’s only transmitted through bodily fluid contact and not air
borne transmission. A sneeze or a cough projects the bodily fluids of
saliva and mucous. Therefore, it is transmitted via the air. The CDC needs
to stop lying to the American public.

Jack Hoff says:

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Tomi Chan says:

So much racism in the comments section.
I’m disgusted to be part of the human race sometimes…. 

ObeyYourMaster says:

I hope ebola kills all this nasty niggers. humanity doesn’t need this
lazy good for nothing savages. 

Kollin011 says:

Wasn’t it just months ago when rappers were singing that there was NO
ebola. “Ebola is in town don’t touch you’re friend.” The real reason they
don’t want to believe in ebola is because they don’t want to give up cheap
bush meat. They can’t afford beef or goat.

SymbolX says:

This will probably be the turning point for those poor African countries
where the sanitary conditions and healthcare will get modernized… They will
suffer from ebola. But in the long terms, the system put in place to deal
with ebola will help patients with malaria, cholera, rabies and other

Without an aggressive incentive, those poor and uneducated countries stay

100newkid says:

#byefelicia i don’t have time for this shit. let them die get sick who
gives a fuck. 

PeerPreesureGang says:

5:20 that black dude doesnt have African accent. he is American

Soldier of Ireland says:

Let’s just hope it’s only an African disease and doesn’t reach the West 

franciscobuilt says:


Apollo LeRoux says:

I would have been walking around in a hazmat suit living in some
underground bunker and then go treat patients. Also I agree that flights to
America from these ebola infected countries should be banned until
something can really be done. 

Adam Lombardi says:

If you think about it this could just be a cycle. Earth is keeping
population down. (Think about it?)

George Baggaley says:

It’s amazing how professional the healthcare workers are and their devotion
to helping people even if it means losing their own lives.

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