The Ebola Virus: History

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Mankro says:

True it was found 1976 it was from a monkey or a bat and this is serious millions of people die, this is not funny


come on people weaponized EBOLA would be the leading edge of bio warfare….two week incubation period ….this would travel though the population like the flu with flu like symptoms that would be ignored … coincidence I think not 

warpull says:

So this is funny to you?

Tom Tamba says:

False. The History of Ebola goes way earlier than your slide show displays. Go read more. 

The Wedgie Man says:

this is shit!

Eric Durant says:

Ebola is brutal. But your ghetto intro is even more brutal.

makaveli says:

Blood is the key


i thought the us accidently made the ebola virus while trying to find a vaccine to other disease

Chris Schuttert says:

Also, non-human primates are the reservoir for this virus but not the vector for transmission.

Chris Schuttert says:

Also do some research about the strains. There are five different Ebolavirus strains. And Ebola is also not that same as the Marburg virus.

Chris Schuttert says:

@BiracialGirl1977 There have been non-lethal infections in the U.S.. They occurred due Ebola Raston. Typically the incubation period is two to twenty-one days. Then the victim is afflicted with strong flu-like symptoms. Then it's all down hill from there. The reason that Ebola has been "contained" is that during the incubation period it is believed to be noncommunicable (or at least minimally). The virus tends to burn out and kill before spreading.

TheBackslash1 says:

@BiracialGirl1977 the incubation period is about 7 days and the reason it doesn't spread across the globe is because it usualy kills all its victims before they can travel great distances.

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