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The Ebola Virus Explained — How Your Body Fights For Survival | Ebola Videos

The Ebola Virus Explained — How Your Body Fights For Survival

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What does the Ebola virus actually do in your body? Why is it so dangerous and why does it kill so many people? We take a look at the apocalyptic war that rages in the body after an infection…

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Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell says:

Btw, the MUSIC for the video is available here if you are interested:


Canadian Coyote says:

Actually below 7° C Ebola goes airborne 

IndraEMC says:

People fear about Ebola outbreak but didn’t understand that McDonald (and
other fast food restaurant) kills more people than Ebola virus by Obesity
and Diabetes.

Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) says:

Very interesting video. As a medical aid organisation that works on the
front-line of the Ebola outbreak across west Africa, we face a lot of
misconceptions and misinformation about the virus and it’s refreshing to
see a video that attempts to explain what Ebola actually is without
sensationalising it.

Johnny Kat says:

Can we count sneezing as bodily fluid??if someone with ebola sneeze at your
face could you get ebola this way too?

Kakerot4141 says:

4:32, ‘White people affected! Now the virus has gone too far’
THIS is why it’s gotten so much attention recently. It was a far off
curiosity when it only affected people in West Africa, but now it could
come to OUR country, where human lives matter (not my belief, but what the
underlying tone is).
It’s just the next scary thing the Other can do to hurt ‘patriotic,
god-fearing ‘Mericans’

Hodor says:

The danger of Ebola isn’t about the current number of infections as you
wrongly imply that they have always been that number and always will be.

The danger is in the ability for the virus to grow exponentially and spread
to countries like mexico and India where it would spread throughout the
populations rapidly and be nearly impossible to contain.

The Gray Pet says:

So why is the world so concerned about ebola? Why are there people infected
with ebola while just being in contact with them? Does sweat count as a
bodily fluid? If yes doesn’t that make ebola much more contagious than you
show it? Why is HIV so famous? It’s like ebola: you can only get it through
bodily fluids (I think).

So many questions!

snaileri says:

Too many scientific terms. Not very easy to understand.
Cool animations though! Upvoted!

CustomGrow420 says:

Holy shit that’s scary

elazer twist says:

Gotta get those web clicks though.. how else with internet news websites
get viewers? quality reporting and stating the facts? pff, what are you
nuts!? only fear gets ad revenue!

Alltime10s says:

Great video guys!!

mega zero says:

I hate when ppl compare the total deaths of Ebola to influenza. Even though
more ppl die from the flu than Ebola, you are more likely to die from Ebola
(60-75%) than influenza (2-10%). Malaria takes 25% of children’s lives and
has steadily decreased over the past decade.

CodeZeeZ says:

Awesome video.
But doesn’t Ebola spread through air? 

Michael Methot says:

Auto captions for “Ebola”: Boater, Boner, Bowler, Bonus, Abode, A Bowl A,

Auto captions for “Paradoxically”: Paradoxically


Invective says:

These videos are seriously giving CGPGrey a run for his money. Kurzgesagt
(assuming its one guy) should appear on the podcast at some point.

tikabanget gituh says:

Video Infographic tentang Ebola. Dan bagaimana tubuh kita bekerja

bluchocolate123 says:

I don’t want to sound like a virucist but viruses just seem to like killing
us. They need to chill the fuck out! What did we ever do to them!?

Arvid Bux says:

*The Ebola Virus Explained*
*How Your Body Fights*

nova GIT says:

is there a difference between bacteria and virus?

Matilde Tusberti says:

Meiner Meinung nach gut erklärt.


JohnJaggerJack says:

i have one question, what the fuck has the pharmaceutical industry been
doing until now? this is the 21century it is unacceptable such a disease
like ebola is allowed to flourish and proliferate. shame on you greedy
ineffective scientists…

JimTheEvo says:

A number of people have asked how 4/10 people survive Ebola infections. I
thought I’d try and answer this best I can. First without treatment the
survival rate is much lower, closer to 8/10 – 9/10 die. The current
treatment we have is rehydration therapy. This helps with the loss of
fluids that the virus causes. Other therapies are being developed but
rehydration is still the best we have and is still lacking in certain

Aside from treatment the remaining 1/10 or 2/10 probably survive due to a
mixture of genetics and luck.

There are a few genetic reasons a person might be resistant to the
infection, ranging from not having an optimum receptor on the cell for the
virus to attach too. Downstream differences in cell to cell commutation
that means their immune systems are slightly different. These differences
might mean that the immune system gets a few extra hours/days it needs to
overcome the infection (probably by producing antibodies to the virus).

The other way is luck, there are a whole bunch of things that could impact
how the virus spreads, from the initial number of viral particles the
person gets infected with too which cell they infect first. Let’s say the
virus infects a cell which is at the end of its natural life and commits
apoptosis (cell death) just as viral replication is about to start. This
again for give the immune system that little bit of extra time it needs to
mount an attack.

Also a ‘cool’ thing about Ebola is that is plays around with two separate
systems of the immune system which normally regulate each other by feedback
mechanisms. If the immune system manages to start the correct mechanisms
and feed backs before the virus can really get a grip it could potentially
fight off the virus.

Finally one of the effects of Ebola as shown in the video is a depletion of
immune cells. If for any reason (such as the ones I given) enough immune
cell survive then a person has a better chance of surviving.

I hope that helps and feel free to ask any follow up! 

YourMovieSucksDOTorg says:

Life sure is crazy. 

Plane crashers says:

why is it so easy for Ebola to get inside the human’s cell? I feel like the
problem isn’t Ebola but human’s immune system! Seriously, Ebola just enters
the cells and do what it wants to do!! 

Paskal Serafimovski says:

Ebola is bullshit,humans invented it just so someone can make money…same
with all the other viruses…

01kingmike says:

Please, take your fucked-up conspiracies, and shove them up your ass.

NimbleBlood says:

Wait, what bodily fluid does the white drop represent

Stealthy-Bird says:

Terrifying virus, yet all the ignorant kids at school joke about it
whenever someone coughs or sneezes. If you do this, it’s not funny.
Vomiting, extreme pain, diarrhea and death is not funny.

tomtom87483 says:

The way it takes over the immune system and uses it to reproduce itself is
terrifying. Reminds me quite a lot of the Borg.

fbiuzz says:

Does HIV works just like Ebola? They both attack the Immune system. 

karayasogeking says:

This is illuminati propaganda, leading the sheepy to not protect themselves
against the agenda 21 and the incoming worldwide genocide…

Oh well, keep trusting your “science”…

It won’t save you from what’s coming 

attack says:

Poverty kills more people and puts even greater number of people into
forever suffering, experiments/torture testing with animals kills many
times more to cure your silly diseases which you get cuz of poor higiene…

EE Ehrenberg says:

I thought the real danger with ebola is in the chance it could evolve to a
better way of spreading at any time. Also, HIV also only spreads via bodily
fluids and it’s a pandemic. If we’re looking at the potential next HIV, it
is something to worry about.

deathmire11 says:

1:19 Starcraft reference!!!

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