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The EBOLA HOAX EXPLAINED! All Ebola outbreaks are staged EVENTS! | Ebola Videos

The EBOLA HOAX EXPLAINED! All Ebola outbreaks are staged EVENTS!

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Ebola is not a HOAX! IT IS A STAGED EVENT! THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! Check us out! 2127NEWS.NET CRUSADERS2127.COM @crusaders2127 https://www.facebook.com/freedo…

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Den Dore says:

Great video, hoax is for sure the wrong term. U got people making it seem
like there’s nothing going on and laughing about it. I think we got until
thanksgiving and Black Friday, after this it will really spread then right
before Christmas we will watch the news and new cases will be everywhere.
Thought we had more time but it seems 2015 it really begins, the clouds are
really getting dark 

Bonnie The Bunny says:

You mean i dont have to fear the ebola?

David Brainerd says:

In Africa it may be a “staged event” but in the US its plain and simple a
HOAX. There are ZERO cases of Ebola in the US.

Compulsive Learner says:

Well put.

Tammila Goodwin says:

Now we are making progress, ” Be without fear in the face of your enimies.
Be brave and upright, that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even
if it leads to death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is our

Piper Tudhope says:

I love your videos! :-)

Little Flock says:

This just came to me
Wasnt mandels from africa snd didnt this ebola happen shortly after his
rrported death
Wonder if its somehow also conmected

Hope u feel better nate

Javier Andrés says:

It’s amazing how all these gangsters have created and patented the most
dangerous viruses that mankind can know. Also, they come to tell the story
through their genetically engineered vaccines may get unexpected false
solutions. We all have to come together as humanity and raise our voices to
silence the Elite that is trying to eliminate us and leave only 15% of the

iamcharlzmozli says:

I wish that Black Christian here in the US will wake up to who their enemy
is. If black folks could put that f*cking Bible down for one second and use
logic. We are so brainwashed and conditioned to fall for the black/white
Hegelian paradigm.Whites are not your enemy. European Christians did not
control the slave trade, and were not the majority slave holders in the
West (See Louis Farrakhan’s “The Secret Relationship Between…”. White
people are just as enslaved today as the Asian and Africans, etc. Europeans
do not have the basic freedom of speech (see Holocaust Denial Laws in
Europe and Canada). No European country, Asian country, Middle Eastern or
Latin American country prints its own money (see Rothschild Banks). Wake up
BLACK FOLKS, Wake Up Humanity. 

Kidd D says:

This reminds me of the polio vaccine that was full of cancer from sv-40.

Julien Leblanc says:

very we’ll explained

Sambo Hambo says:

It’s people like you that help spread Ebola. 

frncy54 says:

Thanks- this makes much sense to me.

Apostle Laura Lee says:

Hi… God bless you. First, I believe that all in all… it is “hoax”.
Why?? Because of the crisis actors. Look at CNN and NYT. Completely
false and manufactured crisis hoax actors in their “news clips”. Second,
“Dr. Brantly” of “Samaritan’s Purse” is an ACTOR… CIA. If ppl want to
believe that Samaritan’s Purse… headed by freemason Graham that exists to
work alongside the UN in pushing VACCINES on the 3rd world is a “Christian
organization”… I don’t believe it is. I believe this man and the whole
story about him was HOAX and acting… and he’s a CIA agent – not a
Christian missionary. Is there a real virus? Of course. But, they are
poisoning wells in Africa to create false ebola reports – killing ppl by
poison. So, it’s not merely staged all in all. It’s a hoax on many levels
and falsified.

We are not really seeing the virus move but poisoning and crisis actors
staging propaganda.

Second, you said this is Bible prophecy being fulfilled. I need your
scriptural case for that. I believe you are in error… this is not
prophesied. This is just the NWO… and they have been acting a long time.
For this to be “literal specific prophecy being fulfilled”… we would
need to be in the “wrath phase” of the tribulation. I don’t see that the
tribulation period has begun. (Next year, I can see it beginning… but I
see no evidence it has already begun.) Since the tribulation period has
not begun… no specific prophecies of the tribulation period are being
fulfilled about any bowls of wrath and plague. The 2 witnesses will
release plagues when they come in the Great Tribulation AGAINST the NWO.
God is not going to release a plague on this Christian nation against His
people… andn this is not any fulfillment of tribulation prophecy as I see
it. Please make a scriptural case if you don’t agree so I can please
review your case. God bless. 

rovingreporter says:

Well said .

applecom1de says:

LIAR. You`re just another outlet. Fuck you. You know the infection theory
is established on fraud by Louis Pasteur. You like leading people astray?
Fuck you you tool. There is no such thing as Ebola. It`s a mind construct.
And all the puppies are falling. You will burn in hell for eternity for

Panteras Panteralandia says:

The EBOLA HOAX EXPLAINED! All Ebola outbreaks are staged EVENTS!

Luisa Walks says:

so mr duncan was kill wtf

rabbitch mccurry says:

Slave us. Slave is all

Anarchy World 81 says:

+Crusaders2127 The Ebola Breakout Coincided With UN Vaccine Campaigns

siccs7 says:

The virus is real the PANDEMIC is a hoax, avoid the disease by saying no to
the experimental vaccinations.

franco3830 says:

I was thinking that could be both of them Staged in Africa by the
Lucifereans , doing a Hoax in the west to sell us vaccines and keep us
brainwashed with the global problem propaganda, then plan to release the
virus to depopulate. Good video mate.

z5959 says:

I have seen 3 videos where they were paying Africans to roll around act
sick etc. Yes staged in Africa! And the video of the naked boy laying on
the ground on main stream news with news casters, the real video he is
laughing walks over & lays down on the ground like he is dead!

dogtown zboyz says:

I’m tired of being the puppet,I want to be the master,no offense to anyone

rabbitch mccurry says:

Can you slave me?

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