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# The Daily Show with Jon Stewart # Spot the Africa (December 5th 2014) | Ebola Videos

# The Daily Show with Jon Stewart # Spot the Africa (December 5th 2014)

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Between rampant racial inequality and Ebola outbreaks, South African comedian Trevor Noah admits he hesitated to visit a country as underdeveloped as America. For New episode every day! please…

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cbmtrx says:

For those native-bred Americans among us: As a South African ex-pat, I’m
alarmed at the racism, bigotry and police brutality that passes for
“equality”, “civil rights” and “law enforcement” here.

The myth of American Exceptionalism is, of course, a long-dead lie; but
that it has apparently insinuated itself into the fabric of everyday life
is perhaps the greatest menace to this society. The combination of
religiosity, under-education, racism, violent culture and a country awash
in guns and macho, meathead mentality, is potent and damning.

Geoff Marcus-Baxter says:

Official le Reddit Armie general reporting in (4 star general). We are a
group of esteemed, euphoric gentlemen of high intellect that share a lot of
informative and educational videos on the front page (that’s reddit.com for
you non-redditors *tips fedora*). If you would like to see more eye-opening
videos like this, especially on the decadence of Obama’s American Socialist
policy, then make your way over to /r/videos or /r/conspiracy, where I am a
moderator of both and make sure that the free people of America know the

– Geoff Marcus-Baxter, Gilded Redditor, Speaker of the Free Peoples.

c0xb0x says:

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awiu qhir.

– Dfeoijs Gzehuizeh, asdihfa iiuoh /r/oraejhfis rio /r/ewsfiujhrnt

Berta Lovejoy says:

As somebody who considers themselves African American (I listen to a lot of
Beyonce) I find this man’s jokes extremely offensive. He offends my
American and my African heritage, what a scumbag! The fact that riots
haven’t started in Ferguson and New York over this racist routine makes me
wonder, what if a woman said these things? Proof that males can get away
with saying whatever they want whilst women are forced to stay quiet out of
fear of violence, it’s disgusting seeing this kind of oppression in the
21st century.

Berta Lovejoy, Feminist, Promoter Of Equality, Love, and Peace.

David Hill says:

The Daily Show’s new South African correspondent is funny as hell, and this
video has some powerful perspective:


God Emperor Lionel Lauer says:

*Brilliant South African comedian, Trevor Noah, skewers racism in America*
#ferguson #icantbreathe #racism #dailyshow #trevornoah 

James Miller says:

As a real American, I’m sick and tired of all these colored folk crying
crocodile tears over a few brushes with the law just to score votes. WAKE
UP AMERICA! Fergusson was nothing but a false flag operation to distract us
while the government takes our first and second amendment rights! First the
chemtrails to poison our air, next our water supply to keep us dumb… it’s
just more of the same with Obummer in office. I bet you sheep don’t even
watch Alex Jones. I’m so happy that I was homeschooled and don’t have to
worry about being brainwashed by the politically correct libtard media.

James Miller, gun and bunker enthusiast and moderator on r/conservative

Amanda Patterson says:

Between rampant racial inequality and Ebola outbreaks, South African
comedian Trevor Noah admits he was worried about visiting a country as
underdeveloped as America.
#southafrica #jonstewart 

Ruri Sumida says:

South Africa’s best comedian compares SA/Africa and the USA.
HT to +Willem Bester

Willys Bw says:

That really was pretty useless. If you couldn’t tell Stewart was playing
the fall guy for this guy’s benefit then that would explain why you watch
Stewart in the first place.

John Lieske says:

“But you… you did it without even trying…”

Yeah, pretty sure there’s been plenty of trying.

Josh Hunter says:

The wealth gap is so great because Democrats invented welfare to keep
people from getting rich. These programs were invented by FDR and Johnson,
but I am sure this is somehow the Republican’s fault too.

James Karaganis says:

*Brilliant South African comedian, Trevor Noah, skewers racism in America*
#ferguson #icantbreathe #racism #dailyshow #trevornoah 

Joffrey Benedict says:

Redditor here. Good to see Jon Steward escaping unharmed from an
interaction with a savage negro. This could have gone a lot worse. *tips

– Joffrey Benedict,
Reddit Gold user and moderator of /r/atheism

Doritan Cheeto says:

As a gilded redditor, I can tell you the African man is completely right.
Amerikkka at the moment is the worst place to live in the entire world. We
have the worst racism, the worst poverty and the least freedom. When even
Africans in their straw huts pity us you know it’s time to rise up against
the government.

I urge all fellow Americans to upvote my post that I’ll post on
/r/conspiracy later so we can counter the tyrant that is obama. Your upvote
can change the world.

– Doritan Cheeto, moderator of /r/conspiracy and /r/politics

Sarah Gaggenheimer says:

Was this supposed to be comedy or was this just more anti-U.S. circle

– An African American is more likely to be killed through black on black
crime than by a police officer or any other ethnic group. In fact nine out
of every ten black people who were murdered, were murdered by other black

– Stating that blacks killed by white police officers is racist and that
blacks killed by
black officers is progress is, well, racist.

– Blaming the U.S. as a whole for the corporate media’s mongering of Ebola
to stir up controversy for ratings.

– Comparing a freshly built highway to an old street in NY.

– Comparing a homeless family in Detroit to most likely a university in

– The technologically and culturally advanced part of Africa can attribute
their advancements to European colonization

Fergal Daly says:

Making people squirm.

orangeandyoghurt says:

Unfortunately, Noah’s picture of the U.S. is exactly what an ever-growing
number of non-Americans think. The system and its institutions speak of
such high values in their ideology, but the actual implementation of them
sucks. I feel the energy is put too much into the “American Dream” and the
focus on an individual’s money than on the overall living standards of the
country (health care, education…). It creates too many losers of the
system. And it seems the more instable the domestic issues become, the more
they are glossed over by we-are-the-greatest sentences and attitudes. It’s
just sad.

Mud Hut says:

If this comment section is a microcosm for American culture, ethics, morals
and opinion then I pray for the US the by virus-bombed to cure the stupid.

Jo John says:

Images for South African farm attacks and the slow genocide of the whites
in south Africa Only proves once the black south Africans kill off all the
whites Like the blacks who committed genocide on whites in Haiti and
Zimbabwe will become another basket case country. Check out white
genocide in south Africa today. And why is the MSM NOT REPRTING IT

Martijn Vreugde says:

South African comedian Trevor Noah on The Daily Show, absolutely kills it 

Su-Mari Diedericks says:

Hierdie maak my gelukkig want dalk kan mense iets leer by hom. Apartheid
het hand uit geruk, maar die intensie aan die begin was om kulture te
preserveer. Ons het nooit mensies in gevoer soos diere en behandel as
sub-mense wat ons moet dien nie. Maar danksy die wereld se dubbel
standaarde was ons geboycot wanneer Amerika en die res van die slawe
invoerders net kon aan neuk. Dankie vir ons Verskroeide Aarde, Engeland. 

John DelBasso says:

Redditor here,

MEME ALERT! MEME ALERT! As an expert meme maker I will be turning this
comedian into the hottest new meme. It will be called “Silly Afro American
from South Africa”. If you’re interested in additional memes or want to
discuss other topics such as atheism then visit us at

– Gilded redditor, enlightened atheist, 148 IQ

Jarvis Wellington says:

Welp, looks like africa doesn’t need our billions of dollars in “aid”.
Maybe we should be spending that money on our federal debt?

Gotta get obambo out of office or this country is SCREWED.

李麟 says:

*Hard-hitting Truths….*

Trevor Noah from South Africa gives Americans his outsider’s view of the
situation in the United States.

Bjarne Panduro Tveskov says:

Ouch, nok en del amerikanere der ikke lige magter det humor dér;
Sydafrikansk komiker sammenligner US of A og Sydafrika:

Ivan Anderson says:

Check out this South African comedian (Trevor Noah) on the Jon Stewart
show.. he killed it #proudlysouthafrican 

Sieg Braun says:

Please, Jon! You can do better than this. Trevor’s reading of his lines was
so terrible, it ruins the whole bit.

Fiy Ade says:

I heard what he is saying, and as an African it’s not anything new to me,
I’m just here to comment on this man’s undeniable beauty.
Like…that’s a very pretty guy.

remos101 says:

this was defiantly written out before hand. 

Dries du Preez says:

I’m glad Trevor set some records straight through some clever humor, but
I’d have appreciated it if he pointed out some real issues we have here

respeezy says:

Starting to dislike Jon Stewart and his try hard quest to come across as so
politically correct. Huge fan of Trevor Noah and usually agree with his
points, but here he basically participates in a dumb scetch 

Rigor Mortis says:

What’s up with all the fedora-wearing, harmonica-playing, bullshit-spewing

Brian C says:

I hope Trevor sticks around for a long time; he’s better than John Oliver
or Michael Che.

Kurt H says:

America: The world’s most blatant police state. It’s all in the statistics,
plain to see.

uaedaien says:

Well obviously the US incarcerates more African Americans than Apartheid
South Africa. How many African Americans lived in South Africa? 3? 

Notorious Jag says:

Say what you will about America, I’d rather live here than in the entire
African continent.

Michael P. Shipley says:

Like it or not, life was better during apartheid. SA is an economic basket
case now and crime is skyrocketing. Why? Democracy. Democracy is about
giving power to the people. Similar to communism. And we know how crappy
communism is. No one should have power over anybody, but thats what
democracy does, it gives power. Reduce or better yet eliminate democracy
and things get better.

Tiisetso Mmotlana says:

Check out this South African comedian (Trevor Noah) on the Jon Stewart
show.. he killed it #proudlysouthafrican 

Seth Ryan says:

So funny to see the Americans trolled by a man from Africa. Even in the
comments, I see rage everywhere. 😀
Such stupidity! 

Braj Pop says:

Jeez, when this was posted on Reddit, it was at 7k views. Amazing.

kpopshawol says:

This wasn’t funny at all, whoever wrote it needs to be dismissed. 

hurtanktedunu says:

wtf is with al lthe redditors

Matt Grier says:

This new correspondent is going to fit in perfectly. I like his style.

Mojo Jojo says:

Yeah, South Africa is great was there for an entire month. Lovely place!
But, honestly I still like the US more. There are many awful places in SA
just like the US. And from personal experience, things are just a lot
better here.

Queen Queenly says:


Asa Salie says:

lmao @ all the racist critics
You so called “real American’s” should go down on your knees and say thank
you Mr Trevor Noah for blessing us with your visit…Trevor Noah is a VIP
you dunghead nong-nongs :)

Brad Boydston says:

*South African comedian Trevor Noah shares his outsider’s perspective on
how things are going in the US.*

1234321thefred says:

I hope Jon Stewart’s joking around. His attitude is so idiotic. America
isn’t the best country in the world. It has its flaws and he’s making it
look like the model country that all other developing nations should base
themselves off.

Again, hope he’s kidding around to prove the point.

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