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The Daily Show – Spot the Africa | Ebola Videos

The Daily Show – Spot the Africa

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Between rampant racial inequality and Ebola outbreaks, South African comedian Trevor Noah admits he hesitated to visit a country as underdeveloped as America.

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OLMECA says:

Jon Stewart sure has a knack for spotting young talent. Example John
Oliver, he’s diffidently going places. America if you haven’t heard of
Trevor Noah then boy your in for some treat. Before John Oliver became a
regular cast member on the tonight show he was already a star in England,
well that’s the same story with Trevor Noah, this guy is considered to be
one of South Africa’s treasures. I bet both countries are kinda bummed out
that Jon Stewart took them away to America. 

Francis J. says:

Is that so? Well, then the U.S. should stop the flow of all those billions
of dollars in foreign aid they keep sending to Africa and start investing
them home where it seems they are of utmost need. Apparently, African
nations are so advanced and well beyond any progress the U.S. have ever

angel2901 says:

Stupid. Of course there are places in the US and Europe that are shitty.
But overall America and Europe are in a much better place than Africa

aldricjohn bantilo says:

Africa is a shitty continent ! those high way in central Africa were built
by white people. Black people are ruining the beautiful places in america !
Detroit and chicago are worse city than ever! No offese but its true im not
racist but im just saying facts white/black are arrogants but i notice more
from the black side. If you were reading this and you disagree feel free to
leave a comments. 

Olivier Malinur says:

As I say to my friends in Europe “You are worried whether the growth in
Europe will be 1.5% instead of 1.7%. In West Africa, they worry whether the
growth will be 6% instead of 7.5%…”

albert arnold says:

I love Trevor Noah but these jokes were heavily scripted, its not how he
naturally improvises on his comedy performance scripts, some jokes were
funny but it just felt forced, but it wasn’t too bad

sjcharles1 says:

The poverty rate in Nigeria is 33.1% as per the world bank report released
in July 2014. They believe the consumption levels have been under
estimated. Poverty levels in the south west is 16% while poverty rates in
the north east is 52%. The governors in some northern states have failed
their citizens. The populations of those states should think long and hard
about who they vote to protect and serve them. Little or no protection for
the people in those state, is totally unacceptable. When you look at the
progress taking place in the southern states by their governor compare to
state like Borno it’s shameful. How can they have allowed almost 9 million
school age children to be on the streets? The president had to build over
150 plus schools to get these children off the street when that
responsibility lies with the state governors. When you have hopeless
children rooming the street you can see how easy it is for Boko haram to
recruit people. Shame on these governors and now they are trying to make it
look like its the presidents fault that they have done little or nothing to
lift their people out of poverty. It can be done because the southern
states are doing it. Look at what is taking place in states like Akwa Ibom,
delta, enugu, lagos, osun, Edo, cross River, Bayelsa anambra, ondo and
others. They have their problems but the tremendous development that is
taking place in these state are amazing. 

Ingrid Kleinert says:

Americans are still more racist than some South Africans, I am the only
white woman at work, and I don’t feel at all uncomfortable, there are
blacks, Indians, coloureds and Chinese, some of these people are good
friends. You don’t even stop to think eventually what colour you are,
because everyone just works well together. We are working with different
religions as well, we respect each other. If only the rest of the world
could be like where I work…..Americans are so indoctrinated on other
countries, and taught that their country is the best, well news flash, it
isn’t. I hated it when I went there. We don’t have the perfect country
and no one ever will, but America, yours is sure getting more shitty by the
day, so id focus on yourselves rather…..

Trent Ruckas says:

This is so accurate it’s scary. America is a third world shit hole. And
yet, so many white folk still think they all live in the greatest country
on earth. Spain, Australia, China, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan,
Denmark…. Any one of those places I’d rather live than America.

Eradium says:

Oddly enough a predominantly white South African civilization after
apartheid still manages to treat blacks better than our
civil-rights-obsessed, MLK worshipping land of freedom and burgers.

I thought diversity was supposed to help everyone… Oh wait the Hispanic
population that we’re importing is going to swamp the job markets black
Americans traditionally occupy, further increasing the huge wealth gap we
already have. Good going, congress! /cynicism

Really though we’re not exactly going to have a fun, ‘equal’ time in 40
years, mark my words. Trevor Noah is funny as hell though, good on him to
point out some of the darker aspects of this tattered country to those
blind to them. 

Richard Wooding says:

South Africa’s *Trevor Noah* tells some uncomfortable truths on *The Daily

Joan Laine says:

As I say to my friends in Europe “You are worried whether the growth in
Europe will be 1.5% instead of 1.7%. In West Africa, they worry whether the
growth will be 6% instead of 7.5%…”

justjanice72 says:

I loved it! lol Very charismatic! Something else Americans don’t have a lot
of. Smart men that also have charisma. President Obama being an exception
of course. 

Playfulpanthress says:

Congratulations Trevor!!! I think you’ll fit in great!

If you guys didn’t guess, Trevor is freaking hilarious and super witty.
Doesn’t hurt that he is model gorgeous and speaks solidly six languages and
is working on his seventh! 

w1sdom99 says:

Unfortunately this is a pretty thick audience.

Gotta dumb down your material a bit my friend.

Vuyisile Sibeko says:

I hope he does well!! 

Amine Kouki says:

That was perfect!


k2datrack says:

i hate that fking song Trevor was singing at the end. makes my skin crawl
everytime i hear it. And to think that they made a new version with some
dickheads in it…smh

s4ujcd says:

It’s sad black people are better off in South Africa than in America.

Cheri Cheri says:

Dear American and Americans,

Handle your home affairs first before you try to serve anyone else for not
doing theirs. In other words mind your own fucking business until you can
be a shining example of all things good that humanity has to offer and deal
with your own shit…you got plenty to sort out on your end.

Here’s a few to start with:

Treat all of your citizens as equal, pay people a fair living wage, stop
exploiting prisoners as a form of modern slavery and making money on
incarerating human beings. Sort out your child prostitution, open pedophile
rings and stop protecting majority white male pedophiles and trying to
ligitimise their sick, savagery of child rape (Reaserch please: NAMBLA OR
Stop killing unarmed black people in the streets and in their homes. Stop
trying to block Black autocracy and self progression (e.g Black
Stop flooding your country with drugs and then blame the minorities once
you got your cut of the deal…etc sort out your shit Now or shut the fuck

Sean Thompson says:

Man, Trevor was nervous. He wasn’t as charismatic as he is in his stand up.
You can tell the script wanted him to be more eccentric but he wasn’t

RyanGiggsOBE says:

I’m a big fan of Trevor Noah, been listening to him for a while and he is
really making some moves 

bagser1 says:

Glad to see Trevor getting his due, the guy is a tremendous stand up

Jack Shimosa says:

I take it Jon Stewart is big worldwide. I’m South African. So congrats
Trevor for working with him. Big up!

Philile Bongwe says:

Nice one Trevor thanks for schooling the Americans the most ignorant people
in the world.

Uwais Mahomed says:

Americans are so naive and have been indoctrinated into believing
everything USA does is right. They truly believe that America is still the
most advanced country. All i see is a bunch of racist, corrupted rednecks
that wont accept defeat in anything. 

Lanz22 says:

Silly Americans, they will know about Wakanda soon enough. :P

steve nelson says:

Never heard of Trevor. Guy’s on point though.

wolfman bro says:

all south africans rondevous here

k hassan says:

haha the drake reference 

TheSincera7 says:

Which Central African country has such a beautiful superhighway? Sorry, but
I think that was meant to be Kenya which is in East Africa and not
Central…Thika Super highway google the pics.

JevousGaming says:

Awesome that Trevor got on The Daily Show! Keep on rocking Trevor!

Constance Burris says:

Can you spot the Africa?

Alex Almacin says:

HAHAHA he showed the Americans. funny how he made them see differently

Nikkita Jaymes says:

I love him! What a great addition to the show!

Zindzi Kibiku says:

Somebody had to tell them!

Ofentse Maloba says:

Oh no…….here comes the hypersensitive “takes jokes seriously” police!
Some of you are mind numbing with your failure to take things within the
context they where put in. Just be quiet and laugh at the funny joke. if
you don’t find it funny, so be it, but just stop your whining, gosh!

Mickey Dangerez says:

Like the message hate the script.

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