The biggest problem with Ebola protection gear | Mashable

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Dr. Luanne Freer spent six months in Sierra Leone volunteering as a nurse for Ebola patients. The biggest problem she came across while she was there? Her protective suit.


Laura Metheny says:

You guys are so brave and selfless. Its kind of strange with all of our
knowledge and innovations that it almost always comes down to something
that seems so simple that is the biggest problem. I have a small fan that
can be worn around the neck but I guess something like that won’t work? God
Bless you all. I wish I had the strength and guts. I did donate a little
but I know that is just a drop in the bucket. Don’t know how you do it. I
don’t think I could stand one minute sufficating in that getup. Thankyou
for being so dedicated. I don’t think enough people realize that it helps

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