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The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Thursday October 2 2014: Ebola News, Lionel | Ebola Videos

The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Thursday October 2 2014: Ebola News, Lionel

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U.N. Fears Airborne Ebola — Date: 10/02/2014 — –SUBSCRIBE TO PRISONPLANET.TV– http://www.prisonplanet.tv/ -Today – On this Thursday, October 2 edition of…

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Josey Michael says:

Wonder who takes more vacation Obama or Alex?

Ricky O Neill says:

Alex the zionist-NWO-luciferian agent is easily exposed in many videos on
YouTube,all you got to do is hit up Alex Jones debunked,its that
simple.funny how people who have murdered presidents leave the likes of
Alex,David like and like minded shills alone.Today 85% or more of Jews are
Ashkenazi therefore less Semitic than Arabs as a whole.Anti-Semitic can’t
be used to mean Anti-Jewish.I have noticed something about the Alex
defenders,you don’t use commonsense which prompts me to say,commonsense
isn’t a gift,its a punishment,as you have to deal with so many people who
haven’t got it.

Homer Gee says:

Agree below, this mans voice goes through me, he has no passion either!!
SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! And getting more shit, get alex on, the others are
all dick heads..

Thermonuclear Thought says:

Great reporting

Barry Boland says:

Watson is the best cover host by a mile… but where the hell is Alex has
he quarantined himself in his house? lol. Need to see Alex and Watson co
host full shows together 

christopher nelson says:

Ummm curious I am. I here alot of people talk about Alex Jones being an
evil Zionist. I also here alot of well educated people speak on his work as
a good thing. I agree with alot of what he says I also disagree with some
of what he says. I guess I am asking what some of you think? I just want my
kids to grow right in a strong and safe country. to my fellow patriots,,,
God speed.

( God Speed ) Even if you don’t believe in god, I wish you a safe journey.

Alex Ra says:

I dont mind Watson. He’s alright. David Knight sucks. If he mentions the
quarantine of dogs again i’m going to barf. How many times is he going to
repeat himself? Lol

Rocky Racoon says:

Rospotrebnadzor head, Russian chief public health official Anna Popova said
on Tuesday Russia had been working to prevent the arrival of the Ebola
virus since March. She said sanitary cordons had been put into place and
passengers crossing the border were being screened. “We have established a
working relationship with airlines, airports and ports in Russia, places
where persons possibly infected with the Ebola virus may be found. We know
about transit passengers. We are using equipment, thermal imagers, to see
whether some people onboard are running a fever,” the Rospotrebnadzor chief
stated. Popova told Interfax last Thursday that a number of countries,
including Russia, had made progress in the development of an Ebola vaccine.
“A vaccine has been developed. This is a fact. There is a vaccine in
various countries, among them Russia. But its efficiency and preparedness
for introduction are the question,” Popova said.
Source: Russia Beyond the Headlines –

rocky76dude says:

right with whatson this show is shit . I will return when AJ or Jakari or
lee ann or any of the other US team returns

DALE thebelldiver says:

all these supplements are basically nothing more than salt. PURE SALT does
all these and more. Anything they have done actually reduces the natural
process and benefits of salt. and ……………. these things can also
carry existing toxins from other sources deeper into your system.
Therefore increasing your toxicity levels. Pure salt is the only mineral
which acts like a wick and will remove toxins. Simple pure non processed
salt. cleans, salt non processed with trace minerals will carry good
AGENTS IN IT? IF SO; see its the same ole shit. aluminum, barium,
silicates from the guy who promises to be true blue and honest. (if) is a
big word. 

2013wearestillhere says:

Since 1997,Hong Kong has been a part of the Chinese state.Before 1997 Hong
Kong was under British Rule for 155 years.

Hong Kong wouldn’t know what to do with independence if they had it!

And China is much more a plutocracy than it is Communist,and China is much
more of a producer and capitalist than America is with its outsourced
industry and declining economy.

Knock it off with this red scare anti-Russian,anti-China pro-war propaganda.
The communists aren’t invading anyplace,it is American and Western
belligerence that is the problem.

FASCISM is the problem,not communism,got it?

PJ is way too impressionable,so quick to agree with his elders…Your
sidekick with the beard has jumped the shark,and turned into
Hugo Drax!..and you’re acting like his “yes man”.

Is this a zio-crazy mutiny I’m watching?

Where is Alex Jones,where are you guys holding him!?

Robert H says:

Lionel is super smart…………….His brain works faster than mouth can
move, and his mouth goes at warp speed……………ya gotta love the
man…….very interesting dude.

Robert Landa says:

the show dynamic is fantastic

Casey Coyle says:

Why does PAUL also call Africa a “country”? That’s around 42:23 or so.
LeAnn made that mistake, too. I find it unusual that a totally different
person in AJ’s operation calls Africa a COUNTRY… 

Rocky Racoon says:

Everyone tunes in to see AJ go ballistic pure entertainment so a calm
rational voice is going to see people flip channels true believer’s will
stick. I like the calm approach of Watson he provides balance and still
makes the point. I tune in for a good laugh and to get pumped up as well.
I am not a proponent of private property especially in the area of means of
production and human need-no one should own the resources that a people
needs to survive.

Richie Pittsburgh says:

That female doctor is shaking kinda wierd. Is she real or a patsy plant.

jmark nottell says:

oh my hebrews,mighty python,poe’s law and alex’s dad was mr.cooper,oh my

MayorMacDeath says:

Maybe the caller thinks David Knight is Michael Knight (and PJW is KITT).

YamFZR93 says:

I’m glad Paul Joseph Watson and David Knight were able to host this show
instead of Alex, they stick to the facts and don’t exaggerate and give
constant opinion-based commentary like Alex always does. Alex gets too
cranked up and constantly jumps off the rails. Anger is not healthy, and
he needs a break. David’s insight on China, having been there, adds
tremendously to this show. Not taking anything away from Alex though, I
love his shows, but sometimes burning that level of anger for that long
ends up stressing me out as much as he’s stressed out. 

Areli Spades says:

This is exactly what a type zero civilization deserves. When the masses are
a type of trendy hipsters that would line up by the millions to drop tons
of cash for a phone. Just because its the new trendy accessory what do you
think the outcome will produce.

NormalGuyMe says:

Why isn’t Lionel hosting the show in Alex’s stead? I freaking love that

sb6455 says:

The nwo are behind your V for Vendetta style mass global awakening…

HUMANITY is a tremendous force for good and the changes [to NWO] will take
place through the raised voice of THE PEOPLE. The voice of the people of
all nations rising up, inspired by Maitreya, led by Him, activated by
Maitreya — whether they know He is Maitreya or not. The united will of the
people will force the governments to change [World Government]. (Benjamin
Creme, SI Nov 2003)

HUMANITY is at a crossroads. One path into the future leads to increasing
social and economic division, environmental destruction, war and planetary
peril. The other path leads to increasing social harmony, economic and
environmental balance, and a golden era [illuminated nwo] of peace.
(Benjamin Creme –, from ‘Maitreya’s priorities’)

THE PEOPLE everywhere have sensed their collective power and are demanding
a free and just world as theirs by right of being members of the ONE
HUMANITY. This, I submit, is altogether new, and will manifest as a world
public opinion with a voice so powerful and united that no government can
stand against it. As one of the Masters has put it: “The voice of the
people is the voice of wisdom.” (Benjamin Creme, SI Mar 2005)

Revolution ?

We need to create one world: the ONE HUMANITY needs to live in the one
world. At present we have two worlds: one for the rich and the super-rich,
and one for the rest — the poor, the miserable and the literally starving
to death. (Benjamin Creme)

NWO Redistribution perhaps ?
The plans for such a redistribution program [nwo] ― drawn up by economists,
financiers and industrialists of great achievement ― are already in
existence, awaiting only the DEMAND OF HUMANITY for their implementation. A
sophisticated form of barter, on a global scale, will eventually replace
the present [owo] economic system. (Maitreya’s priorities, Benjamin Creme)

World Government anyone ?

ORDINARY PEOPLE, intellectuals, educationalists, and others from a variety
of walks of life will find they have a genuine voice in government. This
will replace control of the masses through ideology. EVOLUTION means
evolution towards freedom. (Maitreya,Sept.88)
…Sweeping changes herald an era in which a new balance will be struck
between the need of individuals for freedom and self-expression, and that
of society for discipline and order.(Benjamin Creme’s Master,Oct.89)

NWO one World religion ?
Eventually totalitarianism in political terms will become a thing of the
past. Economic totalitarianism is also about to collapse. Maitreya has said
in one of His messages given through me that HUMANITY MUST SEE ITSELF AS
ONE [nwo]: brothers and sisters of one humanity, under the one God
[Lucifers all seeing eye]…Maitreya has foretold an economic crash which
He said will begin in Japan (Benjamin Creme–,from ‘A New Age Is Dawning’)


DALE thebelldiver says:


Incombustible says:

Anytime someone has a cold or flue and travels on a plane/jetliner everyone
on that plane will catch that virus. In a week to 10 days everytime I have
traveled on an international flight where someone was coughing or sneezing
I have been sick a week to 10 days later. I predict in less then a month
this will be a full blown epidemic. Nightmare scenario. My advice is do
whatever you can to avoid the Martial Law and food shortages that you will
be facing; if it’s not to late. Get away ASAP I myself am leaving the US
for good and this will most likely be my last posting. Excepting a few kind
hearted and like minded people on this forum I feel like I have been mostly
talking to myself these past few months anyways……Fare de Well

Mohammed Majdub says:

Apart from youtube when you watch alex jones

blly dillinger says:

If they forget that they should not amass material things, not only for
their own progress, but also for the generosity towards mankind, the same
fate will surprise them.
Melchizedek, the genie of the Earth, King of the World, made the following
prophecy in Tibet:
Men (or better said, rational mammals) will gradually forget their souls to
only take care of their bodies. The greatest corruption will reign on earth.
Men will resemble ferocious beasts, thirsty for their brothers’ blood.
The half moon will darken and its adepts will fall in perpetual war. The
greatest misfortunes will fall upon them and they will fight each other.
The crowns of the kings, great and small, will fall; one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight. A terrible war among all peoples will break out.
The oceans will roar. The earth and the bottoms of the seas will be covered
in bones.

ngonea says:

Oh, I love you Lionel !!!! This is not a prison planet, this is an INSANE
ASYLUM ! Don’t look at the videos, If you see something, don’t say anything
, right ! ROFLMAO ! Great job Paul Joesph & David Knight . Laugh at these
scum bag ARCHON psychopaths, just laugh at them, do not dignify them at all

Jason Blackburn says:

there was one in Australia what was played down nothing more is reported
on it happend last month 

barry sanders says:

These free market libertarians sound like the old communists: “we got it
all figured out, just follow these Austrian principles.” LOL you
whack-jobs. You Austrian fundamentalists should be charged with treason for
trying to spread your economic-jihadist ideology. Listen to yourselves: “WE
WILL GIVE YOU LIBERTY AND FREEDOM.” My pappy told me if somebody is trying
to sell you liberty and freedom, they are really just trying to steal it

Joker13621 says:

They talk more about the gulf of tonkin than the USS liberty on the alex
jewnes show, they also mention nazis and hitler far more than they mention
bolsheviks and jews and zionism.

Grant Girdwood says:

Monkeys and pigs and just a wire fence between them, well the virus lives
in you blood, spit and shit, Ever been to a Zoo and seen the monkey
throwing shit at each other. And pigs well know for eating anything. But
Just buy more of there Snake-oil Iodine or other products to save your

flippppppppppppp says:

Could this mother f repeat the same thing more time , wtf is Alex 

MontanicOrganic says:

There is one nice thing about PJ, and that is how he says “obomber.”

DALE thebelldiver says:

aren’t they infecting people with the ebola virus? on in 5 or one in 10
ever other set? or is it random murder? All the area is wanted for its
real estate value. LOOK AT THAT PART OF AFRICA; it’s beautiful. full of
minerals and fresh water. 

Gary Farris says:

Ebola shmola! 3,000 people dead in a year or more? That’s a pandemic? On a
continent with over 800,000,000 people.The Influenza of 1918 was killing
people at a rate of over 250,000 people a Month!

Nick P says:

I actually prefer Paul J Watson to Alex for reporting since he doesn’t get
so worked up and seems to keep his cool better, and comes off less intense

Double Geezy says:

Bloody Bloak!!! The Brits have invaded the damn Jones show! Wheres our
fatty fat fat?
Excellent job my dear twatson! Keep kickn ass PJ – great job ma’ nigga!

Alex Jones Is A Fraud says:

Don’t listen to alex Jones he is working for the zionist jews all of his
sponsors are Jewish owned company’s all his employees are Jewish his
disepshion is of the worst kind he is nothing more than disinformation
zionist agent responsible for turning the people off America against the
government thats the zionist Agenda wake up America he tells bits of the
truth but mostly bullshit to confuse and scare people its disinformation
distorted bullshit this show is a fraud he told me he can’t talk about
Israel murdereing women and children because he needs there money what a
load of rubbish I have the prof of this he also said that 90 percent of his
news is bullshit the reason he doesn’t talk about the zionis jews is why
the truth speaks for itself and he claims to uncover the Elites lol the
Elites are his major sponsors and when he uncover the Elites he never
mentioned the zionist has he just the Elites and the government well the
zionist banking catel run the government so who does this fraud uncover
which enemy is he fighting Google search alex Jones exposed alex Jones
disinformation agent alex Jones zionist people even if half of the shit on
the Internet is true he is A traitor to America I have prof he is a fraud

amethystwyvern says:

I like PJW, but I pay to watch the ALEX JONES SHOW. 

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