The abandoned children of the Liberia Ebola outbreak

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Children whose families have been killed by outbreak of Ebola in West Africa have found themselves shunned through fear of the deadly disease

The World Health Organisation (WHO) announced on Friday that the number of deaths linked to an Ebola outbreak in West Africa has passed three-thousand.

The new tolls showed that there were more than 150 deaths in Liberia alone in just two days.

According to the WHO even the heavy toll in this outbreak – the largest ever – may be an underestimate.

Cases are going unrecorded because people are afraid to go to hospitals, or, worse, are turned away from them because they are overflowing.

Health workers are struggling to contain the outbreak in busy capital Monrovia, with its population of slightly under two million inhabitants.

One of the legacies of death toll is children whose families have been killed by Ebola often find they are longer welcome in their communities due to fear of the disease.

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