Texas healthcare worker arrives in Atlanta for Ebola treatment

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Amber Vinson, a healthcare worker from Dallas, Texas – arrives in Atlanta for treatment of the Ebola virus at Emory University Hospital. This shows her arrival and transport to Emory on October…


Ava R says:

Get well soon, Amber!

Jeff Davies says:

Amber Vinson knew full well she had treated an Ebola patient (Thomas
Duncan, RIP) , and then she proceeded to travel while having a mild fever
on a commercial flight. She put hundreds of lives at danger. The passengers
weren’t wearing PPE. This lady should be charged with gross negligence and
manslaughter if others are infected. 

MrEmily9 says:


Antherium In Black says:

My heart goes out to Amber Vinson, and her family. She is in serious
jeopardy. The media and others blamed Mr. Duncan for acquiring the Ebola
virus and then he was allowed to die. They did not sufficiently attempt to
save him or give him the same quality of care as the white patients, such
as Dr. Brantly, and others. Being in the medical profession for over 25
years, I predicted that Mr. Duncan would be dead by the end of the week. He
died 4 days later. Mr. Duncan should have received Lamivudine,
since the Ebola bacterium behaves similarly to the HIV virus. But, he
I’ve given FFP to countless patients who were far less critical than Mr.
Duncan. Mr. Duncan should have received FFP (Fresh Frozen Plasma) which has
few regulations in the U.S. and does not require blood typing and cross
matching, (especially in emergency situations) as has been implied by the
U.S. media. But, he didn’t. And, even though Dr. Brantly, and Mr. Duncan
had differing blood types, another survivor from another region could have
donated matching plasma to support Mr. Duncan’s fluid volume deficit; to
reduce internal hemorrhage, and to help control bleeding, just as Dr.
Brantly received. But, Mr. Duncan didn’t.
Now, they are doing the same to poor Miss Vinson. They are blaming her and
portraying her in a negative light, as they did to Patient Zero, Mr.
Duncan. Therefore, I fear that they are planning to neglect her as well,
commit malpractice, and allow her die. By the end of October, she may no
longer be with us. (But, I hope and pray that this is not the case). I’m
concerned as to why the two nurses who contracted Ebola were separated to
such vastly different healthcare facilities. I see a divide and conquer
scenario occurring here, in which Ms. Vinson is the victim. She needs
advocacy. Her life is just as valuable and needs to be protected from the
Agenda 21 propagators, much like the Dr. Eric Rodger Pianka types who are
working toward severe depopulation.
Has anyone considered the fact that the CDC, the National Institute of
Health or NIH, as well as Agenda 21 supporter and financer, Bill Gates,
all jointly own the patents on the existing Ebola infection and its related
vaccines? Mandatory vaccines may be near, but not until the appropriate
number of us are killed off first. Apparently, certain minorities and
blacks are first on the list.
Has anyone noticed how Miss Nina Pham was sent to the National Institute of
Health, (NIH), in Maryland for continued care? This is the same institution
that has the antidotes and vaccines for the Ebola virus. Why wasn’t Miss
Vinson offered the same care, as well? Why was she not sent to the NIH, to
receive the appropriate treatments, and the antidote, as Miss Phan was

20091class says:

My prayers are goin out to both courageous nurses. Get well! Praying for a
speedy recovery

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