Testimony of Harrison Sakila, Ebola survivor in Liberia

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This testimony was recorded in Liberia on 17 July 2014 at Foya district’s treatment centre. Harrison recounts that he contracted Ebola when he assisted her sick mother. A week after her death, he too got sick. Health staff of Samaritan’s Purse saw him and took him to the treatment centre. “I didn’t refuse, I joined them, they tested me – it was positive. They took me to the area of the treatment centre for confirmed cases. After one week, they came for my blood test, it was negative. I came out. I am alright.”

For health systems fighting the Ebola outbreak, it is important to identify survivors in order to record their experiences and support community awareness efforts by sharing their ordeals and how they managed to survive Ebola. It indeed helps to alleviate some resistance, panic, denial, and misconceptions that local populations often have about this disease.


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