Team Disfunction vs Ebola Effects(OLD)

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Reupload just to clarify that we beat them….. Also the render settings messed up the intro ._.
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Shadow UTM
Angel UTM
Shinji UTM
Don Alberto UTM
UpTown Mafia Family
Viziionz UTM
Confess UTM
Chronic UTM
Crysis UTM
Dogs UTM
Rain UTM
FamApex UTM
Fusion UTM
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Title:Dear Ms. Rose

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UpTown Mafia:
Want to join UpTown Mafia? Its simple….. Ask Don Alberto UTM(Xb1) or N I T U S A UTM(360) To join the crew
You will need to answer a few questions, please be prepared to list your old gamertags and your old crews.
Also linking your social club would be a great idea as well.


Bad Habits says:

Gs. And bro.. You plan on getting Xbox one? 

EcHoKiller Gaming says:

Uploading old shyt ??? Df

Blazed Desano says:

Man wish you all the best man I don't have a Xbox anymore thts why I left man btw good luck in UTM -iTz Tony and Kronixz UTM 

Crack Money says:

as the old song called rock?????

VI Diazo IV says:

Them Good days Tho lol Gs……..Song??

ImaBorn Legacy™ says:

Still can't believe you left desano don itz

ol Swissen lo says:

Lol I was like what happened to this

WiIdest says:

I remember this lol i went 5-6

FamApex UTM says:

Feeling the song ;)

Doxsah says:

Buy an Xbox One Or Rob one just roll up to Walmart and just start botting fools till they give you one, Make sure you pick up bst on the way there

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