Symptoms of Ebola And How To Prevent Ebola Virus (Marburg Virus) – What are Symptoms Of Ebola

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Symptoms of Ebola: In this video, we are going to share with you symptoms of Ebola and how to prevent Ebola Virus, what are symptoms of Ebola. Subscribe to our channel for more videos.

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Ebola virus and Marburg virus

Signs and symptoms typically begin abruptly within five to 10 days of infection with Ebola or Marburg virus. Early signs and symptoms include:

•Severe headache
•Joint and muscle aches

Over time, symptoms become increasingly severe and may include:

•Nausea and vomiting
•Diarrhea (may be bloody)
•Red eyes
•Raised rash
•Chest pain and cough
•Stomach pain
•Severe weight loss
•Bleeding, usually from the eyes, and bruising (people near death may bleed from other orifices, such as ears, nose and rectum)
•Internal bleeding

How to Prevent Ebola
Ebola hemorrhagic fever (Ebola HF) is a severe and often fatal disease in humans and primates, the precise origin of which remains unclear. Since its discovery in the Ebola River region of the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1976, multiple outbreaks have occurred in western Africa, the most recent beginning in 2014 among several nations in that region.[1] Treatment options are limited at present, so the best way to prevent the transmission and spread of Ebola is to take steps to avoid infection and to isolate and treat the symptoms of the infected. Ebola can be deadly but is usually preventable, and rumors, myths, and fears don’t help — sensible measures like those described here can.

-Get the facts on how the disease is spread.

-Avoid areas in which infections have been reported and suspected.

-Avoid direct contact with infected people.

-Avoid eating wild-caught bush meat.

-Familiarize yourself with Ebola symptoms.

-Wash your hands regularly.

-Wear protective medical clothing if you’re around infected patients.

-Disinfect all medical hardware.

-Isolate the infected, the deceased, and their belongings.

-Monitor your health carefully for twenty-one days after leaving an outbreak zone.

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