Switzerland: Experimental Ebola vaccine arrives in Geneva

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Video ID: 20141023-001

W/S Man unloading box from truck
W/S Taking boxes to storage
M/S Opening door
M/S Cutting open box
M/S Scientists
C/U Form
W/S Unloading vaccines
M/S Unloading vaccines
M/S Unloading vaccines
M/S Unloading vaccines
C/U Unloading vaccine
M/S Unloading vaccines
C/U Unloading vaccine
M/S Unloading vaccines
W/S Geneva University Hospital


The World Health Organisation (WHO) received a donation by the government of Canada of 800 vials of an experimental candidate vaccine against Ebola, rVSV-ZEBOV, in Geneva Wednesday. The first shipment of 250 vaccines arrived Tuesday night in Switzerland and were stored at the Geneva University hospital Wednesday.

There are currently two experimental Ebola vaccines that WHO considers the “front runners” in the race to stop the transmission of the virus. The first vaccine was developed by British company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and the other by the government of Canada. WHO clinical trials involve 250 volunteers, half of whom will be tested in November in Lausanne. Meanwhile, trials are underway in the US, Oxford and Mali. The vaccines are expected to be used in West Africa in early January.

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Danijel Marinković says:

MAFIA MAFIA MAFIA……..i am sure now that Ebola doesnot exist !!!

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