Survivor describes how Ebola feels

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CNN’s Don Lemon speaks with Ebola survivor Amber Vinson about her experience with the disease.


Jacklye Davies says:

Allah is great .

Amber Roe says:

I'm called amber

HyperToxic says:

did she said my best girlfriends

Thumper 1611 says:

Ebola has the same symptoms as Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Theresa Moore says:

I understand that she is so caring and never wants to hurt anyone. But it is only natural that people dont want her on a plane before knowing for sure she didn't have Ebola. Every health care worker needs to know how the public may react if they know that youv had contact with Ebola patients. If their was even a question as to whether she had it or not I definitely dont want to fly on a pressurized plane with her until she is confirmed negative. God bless her for taking care of the Ebola pts.

S.S CheeseFuck says:

Ah back when CNN had actual fucking news

Tony Smith says:

Fuck Don Lemon!

Hanna abana says:

you have ebo la l la la la

j s says:

This is so cringey.

Lucy xox says:

gorgeous girl xox

AmiNunni says:

This was click bait.

j s says:

Wtf is going on here in this "story"? She said she had no symptoms and yet she describes being sick and reading scripture and that she is still tired and weak.

What was her treatment?

j s says:

Uhhhmm, wtf was this woman talking about? Why did CNN say she was an Ebola survivor?
By CNN's definition of 'survivor', would that make anyone who has never had Ebola, a survivor???

Why is she hurt or affected by the fact that she was questioned by authorities after getting one commercial aircraft when she had been treating an Ebola patient??? What's wrong with questioning her about her possible exposure to this deadly virus??? I mean, I guess it's a good thing they questioned her, because she ended up getting the virus and "surviving", right?? I'm really confused.

Charlene Chocolate Thunder says:

She is soooo beautiful!

Lynn .D says:

This is the woman who caused a bridal shop to close down! Then the bitch demanded her money back !!!! Because she felt since she was in there when she was sick it was a bad memory

Natasha Castillo says:

Because she makes a point to distinguish that she didn't intend to expose others to Ebola, that makes me think that someone has proposed to her that she did so on purpose. It's as if an accusation of intentional harm caused a shift from her celebrating her survival to a defensive posture. She seems quite vulnerable in the interview. I was hoping Don Lemon would ask what made her feel it was necessary for her to share that versus highlighting the fact that she survived the disease.
The woman has been through a lot. I'm just curious if the salt on the wound was someone cruelly accusing her of bringing Ebola to the states on purpose. She seems very kind despite the unusual nature of the interview. I hope she continues to recover and get her life moving forward in a positive way.

Brianna Hudson says:

I want to know what airline ask her to reveal her medical condition as far as I'm concerned that's confidential they do not have the right nor the authority to ask somebody to reveal their medical condition. I don't care how long it takes me I think I'm going to stick to Greyhound or because these airlines are just getting too out of control and cross and personal boundaries that shouldn't be crossed talk about an invasion of privacy

commonconservative says:

what the hell did I just watch?

MagicalDoesArt YT says:


Angelica says:

People are so insensitive. You are a true champion!

Scott Owen says:

Should have been 1 less survivor!!!!! She endangered all of America

Sound Enthusiast says:

fucking damn it. cnn? erg, who the hell knows what is real with these idiots

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