Staying on high alert for Ebola symptoms in NYC

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Emergency rooms in New York City are taking every precaution to identify potential Ebola patients. But their level of vigilance is nothing new in a city that has seen it all. Dr. Jon LaPook reports.


Leeloo Soukup says:

This is good to see they are running simulations this is key be prepared 

charlie johnson says:

Im coughing up blood and having black rashes on skin, is that a bad sign
cause some of my friends touched me while i was sweating, well alot (tag)

Korbe's Korner says:

wow the Satanists really are planning to spread it all over the world! this
so are u all trying to get god’s attention by pissing god off as much as
needs to be the other way around! or god will just ignore us.

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