States clarify new Ebola quarantine guidelines

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Elizabeth Cohen reports New York and New Jersey clarified new quarantine policies for people returning from West Africa.


delana phelps says:

She needs to stop crying like a baby so your in quarantine. They didn’t
beat you up did they? If your going to be a humanitarian aid worker you
know your taking risk. You don’t have the right to make that risk for ME!
Now shush it and stay put :) by the way no one is stepping on your rights.
They are protecting mine because you excersised the right to go abroad and
return from a epidemic of ebols. 

Josh Bo says:

The fed even acknowledges they don’t fully understand the Ebola virus…
yet criticize states that institute their own policies to contain the
virus. Once again, the fed leads from behind.

Nadia Lynch says:

Why not quarantine them IN AFRICA for few days before returning to USA!

Nick Ross says:

I hope that bitch gets ebola for being a prick, you fucking sign up to go
to Africa, you knew what might happen to you after and all the risk but
your bitch ass still went down to Africa. Fuck you bitch stay in your
goddamn tent so you dont get all of us sick.

p money says:

all of you whiners have no right to risk the populations health over your
idealistic beliefs. you do what you have to when it comes to disease. its
not an indivisual decision to be made.

commonman80 says:

It’s only a matter of time before EBOLA gets out of hand in America…
There are White People in America trying to make this a “Race” Issue. Then
there’s Arrogance and Ignorance of the American Medical Professionals.
Stigmas are being created because of America’s underling hidden separatist
Ideology. High Prison Populations. High Homeless Populations.. ETC… It’s
going to happen, And America asked for it… 

Viracocha711 says:

Just shows how FUCKING STUPID we Americans are when it comes to SCIENCE!

But we sure know how to PRAY TO JESUS!! YEE-HAW!!!

Aaron Henderson says:

Better safe than sorry, i say kill everyone who has it

Jeremy Parsons says:

she went to africa to go into a hot zone. so what the hell did she think
was going to happen. like what. she thought she was going to Disney land
and would just come back. wanna bet she is with one of those religious
groups. and hell. really, 3 days. thats just to much to ask for others

themanshere74 says:

That self centered scum. FACT: The US diagnostic test is utterly unreliable

claud rapoza says:

How about the only explanation you give is “this is how you act when theres
a crisis”!!! 

dustynbones says:

Wall Street trades 10’s of trillions of dollars every business day why put
that in jeopardy.

No wonder why the market is bearish. They might know that the market is
going to crash.

Georgio Cheung says:

That nurse should not be a nurse at all 

chicagoground says:

On a different note, when is the class action lawsuit going to take place
on dish network? when we signed up for our packages we did for specific
channels, those channels are now gone and we are still being charged the
same price!! 

Nitron DSP says:

An arrogant, self-centered nurse? Who would have thought.

King Abdullah mohammad sharrif of the official Pita palace of Zariff zimbawa says:

Wait what!? American idol is on! pff screw ebola.

kim young says:

Nothing on shit that’s really gonna fuckUSall to hell…ha CNN?
Just stupid shit to keep us all lock down and volunteer poison injection….
No Honeywell UF6 explosion. Nothing on WIPP…Fucken Fukushima is still
leaking 24.7s…That’s 3 full china syndroms…bitches. Each of those
reactors are 10 times bigger than Chernobyl. Chernobyl only had a 30%

claud rapoza says:

So the next news coming after her release will be, “new ebola victim in
jersey, we have no idea how they got it” stupid. 

myHome109 says:

Political Satire to clarify Obama Administrations requirement for Ebola.
When returning from West Africa, after treating Ebola or engaging in
Military Enforced Ebola Martial Law, immediately go to a White House and
Congressional Tour. Make certain to hold your urine and lay a turd in
their rest rooms. Then let’s see what kind of discriminatory actions the
White House and Congress takes! Their propaganda just do not match the
reality of societies fears and the expression of lack of confidence with
this administration. It simply amazing how all these Liberal Progressive
English majors cannot formulate two sentences without contradicting
themselves! …and these are professional English speakers!

“All animals are created equal. Some more equal than others.” George

Arch Yeomans says:

“If you have Ebola, you can keep your Ebola when you return to the United
States” – Obama.

MR. SOCK says:

Fuck the bitch I hope she dies.

SnugOFP says:

Any Doctor who is whining about a 3 week quarantine is not a hero but a
selfish elitist jerk who is being incredibly irresponsible. They are
spreading horrible information about this disease. In fact one bonehead
just this morning claimed HIV/AIDS is dealt with and under control. This is
the type of garbage that I find absolutely appaling. This is flat out
inaccurate and that disease kills thousands upon thousands every year and
even more overseas. Ebola has the potentional to get out of hand. It is
obvious and is a fact. Whining because you face a minor inconvience in
order to potentionally save the lifes of others is a horrible act of
selfishness and deserves a immediate pulling of your licence and possible
jail time if you avoid it the rules.

There are people in this country that don’t even have a roof over their
head because of poverty and can barely get a meal and you can’t sit in a
tent for 3 weeks? Grow the hell up.

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