Spotted: Unprotected man transfers Ebola patient onto plane without hazmat suit (Dallas)

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A mysterious “clip-board man” has been spotted unprotected near Ebola patient Amber Vinson.

During the transfer of Dallas nurse Amber Vinson to an Atlanta hospital on Wednesday, viewers saw a strange scene on the airport’s tarmac. Alongside four medical workers in while full hawmat suits and the nurse diagnosed with Ebola on a stretcher stood a man wearing nothing but civilian clothes and carrying a clipboard.
The ambulance company, the Atlanta hospital and the CDC all confirmed the mysterious unprotected man was working for them.
The Ebola virus is spread through direct contact with body fluids from an infected person. However, a medical expert said during the “CBS This Morning show” “That’s not okay, Fortunately, Nurse Vinson in in a protective suit so maybe there’s no virus on the outside there, but that’s not protocol, that’s for sure.”

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jonelsorel says:

Was he the director of the scene?

im not smart says:

Ebola isn’t airborne

WHITEovski says:

Thats a G-Man
Sorry but I needed to do that.
Coronavirus outbreak **

Tom thumb says:

It was a hoax. The hoax died the day this video went viral along with hundreds of others exposing people being paid all around the world to play along with the scam. The question is are we facing this yet again with the new Wuhan virus?

Salamah Mohamad says:

يبي يغير جو هالحقير

lydia childs says:

I'm pretty sure that you can be two metres away and be safe.

ansh gala says:

Thug life man…
He is not afraid of virus b'coz he knew that i have not touched the body ….

Kafi Nafis says:

Did the pilot also wear hazmat?

666 says:

Shut down all airports connected to that area

GStar says:

I need to allow the virus to reach someone else but here the patient is under a special suit disallowing direct contact with the surroundings.

Chronos says:

he has to be at a safe distance and also most likely gets treatment to check afterwards, as the pilots dont wear hazmat gear due to the fact the flight equipment wont work however they are also safe

A Ross says:

Thats Walker – Texas Ranger; he is immune 😉

Jump Start says:

He didn't transfer it because he didn't get in contact with the infected person.

James Evans says:

The patient had a haz mat suit on

Phil Jermakian says:

More fake news… live life scared terrorist ebola zombies live in your tv.

Jack Gribbin says:

He was too far away from the person to come in contact with any bodily fluids

Toby Boothroyd says:


It's Not Me says:

EBook is mit airborn


it only can be infected by touching sneezing coughing but still is he touching it the patient is dead right so its safe

John Stuart says:

He's doing an Ebola drill because I saw a video like this one

Ashley Garcia says:

First of all you don't get ebola from being next to the person it's not airborn

Leo Oliva says:

Luckily the ambulance driver has his protective suit LOL

Tim Pogrebiski says:

Man without suit has taken Ebola shot and is simply immune :) Or there is simply no danger at all. Either way governments lie to achieve their goals. Air born or not doesn't matter because others WEAR hazmat suit even when patient is inside one! Same goes to any disease and when a pharmacy doctor says that virus is dead from air contact- tell him to inject it into his body or lick it etc and he will refuse 100% of times. Why? Because they know that they lie and virus crystallize always to survive outside of host :) US Pharmacy is #1 corruption industry in the world. Heck there is less corruption in drug deals than in pharmacy. That's what employees say not me because I didn't even know the shit they give us before they told me and they are legalized drug dealers!

Kevin Eng says:

Ebola is not airborne -_-

Collin Riley says:

The patientis in a hazmat suit so there's no possible way of getting bodly fluids on the unprotected man

Observer101 says:

I came here to point out that he's not going to catch Ebola standing idly by at that distance. If anyone wants a test as to which news services they should consider getting their information from, use this video as a test. If the news service in question chooses to try and report this as being news then you know that the news service is willing to use dirty tactics to sell you their brand and you should forever wipe them off your list of places to get information from. They rely on you to be the simpletons that they think you to be. Prove them wrong and put these fakes that only do damage to the public out of business. Enough is enough. It's about time we all showed some maturity and stopped giving these amateur assholes that would try to mess with your emotional state to lure you into buying their brand the flick once and for all. We don't have to accept second rate crap any more, we can bring back the respect and integrity that important organizations such as the media need to be.

For you people who think this guy contracted Ebola and then might have spread it and we are in the initial stages of a pandemic. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!! I'm not going to sugar coat this shit for you. You've been brain washed into believing a bunch of bullshit. The first thing I did when they started talking about Ebola is I went and got my facts straight. Why do we all have to wait for many months, the time it takes for this Ebola outbreak to come under control and no longer be a problem to the globe, before we realize we were wrong with our hysteria? Why do we have to go through this same predictable pattern of over exaggerated news affecting our fear levels when it's all made up propaganda. If you have to be anything, don't be fearful of Ebola, be angry that they lied to you. It's up to you if you want to continue down this path of unnecessary panic, or you can start to act in a more mature fashion, do your due diligence with your research and actually listen to what real life experts within the field have to say about the situation. They will tell you that there is nothing to worry about and if they were asked about their thoughts on the news coverage they would tell you it's unfounded and untrue.

It's your choice, you can either choose to wake up and start recognising you're being treated like an idiot and from this day forth you will not blindly accept what the anchors on TV are telling you to be afraid of, or you can continue to be the very person they are trying to target, a gullible person who's probably too proud to admit they are a fool for listening to what they had to say. The latter will be people who will deny that they were wrong to be so panicked and asking so many unreasonable questions to the wrong people while intentionally listening to proven liars in the media and completely ignoring voices of authority who tried to tell them differently. I don't get these types of people, I guess I can never understand why one wouldn't want to improve one's self. They'd rather hold on to stubborn ideals born out of a delinquent way of thinking rather than trying to improve the maturity of their minds.

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