Six things you need to know about Ebola

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Find out how Ebola is transmitted, who is at risk of infections, what needs to be done to stop the chain of transmission and to stop an outbreak.


NARROW says:

Here's a good thing you should know Ebola is fake no I'm not kidding it's actually fake it was a fake virus and it turned out that all of these so-called cures for it killed much more people than this fake virus could have ever killed it was actually made up as a way of population control to get a bunch of people to take poison I'm not kidding look it up for yourselves it's a giant farce

ogwal david says:

so educative

Vance H says:

Sharing, Justice and Peace for All.

Jakob Morris says:

what is the danger of misfolded proteins spreading from person to person and causing dementias later in life.

Rahul Choudhary says:


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