Six people confirmed with Ebola in DRC, including four fatalities

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아프리카 민주콩고 북부서 2번째 에볼라 발병

A second outbreak of Ebola has been confirmed in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
It’s another health crisis for a country already devastated by COVID-19 and the world’s largest measles outbreak.
The World Health Organization says they have identified 6-cases in the north of the country, including four deaths.
The DRC’s health minister said the country is sending vaccines and medicine to the region, adding the Ebola outbreak is a reminder that COVID-19 isn’t the only health threat.
The DRC has yet to officially declare an end to Ebola,
At least 22-hundred people have died from it since the outbreak started in August 2018.

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JPG says:

Why the f this happened june is in the chat

MilkyWay, chicken, Studios nothing can bother me says:

Corona: wanna uh team up?

Ebola: nah mate people will find the cure any month and guess what?

Corona: what?

Ebola: the cure will be found >:P

Corona: – insert darth Vader screams “nooooo” –

Juan Guzman says:

Ah shit, here we go again

Elernation says:

2019: “This was SUCH a bad year”
I think 2020 would like to differ. Though let’s not provoke 2021

File Archive says:

I shipped Corona and Ebola

Nature Girl says:

DISTRUST governments, AVOID mass media, FIGHT the LIES

ZxShean says:

Fk its all coming together

Antoni Persinte says:

Two outbreak in one year damm
2020 is more lit then all the 20s

Liw Will says:

mr. peanutbutter: wHaT iS tHiS a CrOsSOvER EpISoDE?


6 people infected with W H A T

Cottoned Boy says:

Bruh you guys are dumb ebola has always been in kongo some guy just said that ebola is on kongo and now you think its a new outbreak it isnt and lets hope it wont be please dobt this year has been though for us all

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