Sierra Leoneans Seek Divine Intervention for Ebola to be Eradicated

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The Sierra Leonean community in Guinea prayed on Friday for the victims of the Ebola virus outbreak in their native country. The event was attended by Sierra Leone’s ambassador to Guinea, Sierra Leonean business people and other members of the Sierra Leonean community living in the country


Beautiful Liberia says:

how is "God" going too help U ?? U are praying too a white "God"

Jeremy Harkness says:

If God or Jesus were around to do anything in the first place, ebola would not exist.
If you want to eradicate this, believe in the people who are risking their own lives to treat and isolate the infected. One of the primary causes of transmission is religious practices involving washing the bodies of the dead. Faith is your enemy. Only Science and education will help stop this epidemic.
Do not Pray over the sick, Do not Lay hands on the sick, you are only making the situation worse, and risking your own lives.

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