Should we be worried about the new Ebola outbreak in Africa?

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With what’s going on with the Ebola outbreak should we be worried about it.


sissy pie 055 says:

Well this is what the elites want to do depopulate the Earth❗What's wrong with them evil people❗It's already killed a lot of people in Africa❗It was just in the rural areas but now it's spreading to populated areas❗If that comes to America it would definitely be a pandemic❗I heard it kills 56% of its host . That's scary❗ GOD SAID IN THE END OF DAYS THERE WILL BE PLAGUES, FAMINE , AND PESTILENCE❗WE NEED TO PRAY FOR EVERYONE ❗👏👏👏

AmyNirvana87 Irish says:

I am quite skeptical about these conditions to be honest.

Sean Nolan says:

Ebola will come like a thef in the night.

xMerciless says:

*US Remakes Hiroshima bomb
*US Plane Flys over Africa
*US Plane drops bomb
*Africa is no Longer on the world map

Matt S says:

Hemorrhagic Fever as in hemorrhage. It causes severe internal bleeding, bleeding from nose, eyes, mouth.

Anonymous Maximus says:

They jus said someone escaped quarantine into a giant city !!!!

Anonymous Maximus says:


Kevin Petit says:

Oh an I love the people who say it will never happen and it’s a conspiracy theory. They need to wake up.

The Ace of Spades says:

Well, I'll just have to take this into consideration then won't I?

Priscilla Ross-Fox says:

I have a strong fear of certain organizations that produce or reproduce viruses.

Kes * says:

Ebola survivors have been known to still have the virus in their eyes and testicles for up to 90days after recovery and some as long as 6months later. That could very well be a reason or cause to spark new outbreaks. Most people don't realize this and that is one of the most dangerous parts because survivors are not monitored for that long afterwords and they can't possibly keep up with a mass of survivors since after they recover it is left up to the person to follow through with additional monitoring and testing. Just something for people to keep in mind with this new outbreak in an urban areas with a population of over 1.2 million. Humans are sexual in nature and survivors could unknowingly expose others

hellcat 707 says:

i did a video on it concerned but not worried we all die one day take care God Bless

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