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Sheriff’s Deputy with Possible Ebola Symptoms Hospitalized In Texas! | Ebola Videos

Sheriff’s Deputy with Possible Ebola Symptoms Hospitalized In Texas!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.com Suburban Dallas officials say a sheriff’s deputy who went into the apartment where the first U.S. Ebola patient had staye…

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DAHBOO77 says:

Sheriff’s Deputy with Possible #Ebola Symptoms Hospitalized In #Texas !

Bobbo Seas says:

I really hope this isn’t a legit picture!! This picture shouldn’t make any
sense to anyone who has worked in the medical field!!!! This potentially
infected man would have never been allowed to walk out of the ambulance!!!
Wtf!! they obviously think this virus is airborne EMS have full protective
suit on!!!!!!! Lol all the while this guy who might have ebola is just
lollygagging around in a ambulance walking out of the ambulance into the
open air then must have walked himself into the hospital lol maybe he took
a stroll around the parking lot had a smoke lol it’s cool tho he is wearing
a little mouth cover!! And some shoe covers lol wtf why?!! It’s just

mememojo says:

I’m moving to Antarctica.

MyMojoSooDopee says:

So why ain’t Duncan’s family sick

politicjunkee says:

Reports here in Dallas is that he is negative. 

janice strausburg says:

Its a hoax how come the girl friend and 3 kids who stayed in the same
apartment did not catch ebola from him 

Bobbo Seas says:

And the show goes on!!!!

Dojocho says:

One has to realize also this is flu/cold season so a large population of
the country is going to have cold/flu systems : fever chills body aches
which coincide with Ebola systems

Jesus says:

good way to assassinate people.

Cliff Conkey says:

Where is the cameraman that got ebola? How is he?

Alex Jones Loves To Fondle Mark Dice says:

its about time a cop gets this karma’s a bitch 

David Priller says:

They say there’s 5 unique strains of the Ebola virus. Only one is 90%
fatal. It’s the airborne one,Mr.Duncan contracted the virus from a 19 y.o
pregnant lady with ebola. Fact; all of that Lady’s family died who were
living together in that home. within a few days the pregnant lady also
passed. (Aggressive strain) with no direct contact with mr. Duncan, A
sheriff is now showing symptoms. If he does have it, we are fuk’d

Tracy Manion says:

Law Enforcement Reports LIVE on CNN that 3 cops are ill possible Ebola!
They had been told it was ok to go in the apartment according to this
interview. Two went in and the 3rd guy drove the car the NEXT day before it
was cleaned. That means he didn’t go in but just by touching the car the
other officer drove. Lets hope these officers who have fallen ill have
something else and it is just a quinky dink they have ebola symptoms after
being exposed.

Jon Duke says:

Deputy did the right thing getting himself to a hospital ASAP, but why is
this an issue if the first place!

CHARGE OF CONTROLLING IT! At this point it is MORE LIKELY that these
actions of incompetence are DELIBERATE rather than just stupid. 

TheMachiene says:

Sheriff Deputy may have Ebola.

cherylynn927 says:

Isn’t it a bit early for him to have symptoms?????? False Flag!

John Adams says:

I think this fucker just had too much to eat at a buffet


I’m moving back to Cuba.

Shabby Pink says:

… one has to be suspicious … [will ] someone in the medical team [
inoculate ] him with the ebola virus and then declare he had ebola from the
start ?? … 

Shanna Jones says:

All you fake ass bitches and snitches!

janice strausburg says:

The girl friend and 3 kids would have been in hospital by now not outsiders

BrYan Williams says:

deputy tested negative for ebola according to Texas Health Officials
11.9.14 3:PM

reed robinette says:

I live in frisco. 

Eli Frost says:

Duh, He touched something that duncan touched and got sick.

RenegadeTimes says:

rotfl !!

Stephanie White says:

I feel bad for this guy! But he had a personal choice even though he said
“they made him” do it. ITS CALLED GO ON STRIKE! Like the people who work at
the airport FINALLY did!

ZKMGking says:

come on now

Roy Heightland says:

Look at the reflection in the glass one guy has protective gear on and one

Greg Dougall says:

Connecticut declared in state of ‘public health emergency,’ prepares for
The State of Public Health Emergency allows bureaucrats to detain and
force-vaccinate people without due process.

bgeezia says:

Daboo, there’s two ghosts in the left window. Must be a hoax.

UCAV2 says:

his blood test are negative for ebola. 

Stoney Stark says:

It just seems like those is is dumb fucks have enough loot to get their rat
claws on some things that could really fuck us up. I hope to god(s) that no
stupid countries decide to fucking help these goat fuckers in their

Otto Burgess says:

actually, it can take hours to days before signs show up, depending

a mcclary35 says:

I thought symptoms of ebola was blood coming out of u and sores..not a
belly ache..we are sure gonna have one hell of a flu/cold season..good Luck

OnTheRoad says:

Stupid idiot probably took the advice of CDC that Ebola was safe.

reg83ny says:

Now watch him get the vaccine while they let the African dude die yesterday

MissJody100 says:

I don’t think this guy has Ebola. He verbally complained about having to
go into that apartment without protective gear and I think this is a person
that is (rightfully so) upset about being sent into that environment.
Today he doesn’t even have a fever.

Runs OnTrails says:

Fictionalized dang auto correct.


What happened to the 21 day incubation period? 

sandra d says:

The Fat bastards a hypochondriac.

ExposingMiLabs says:

It’s UP TO 21 day incubation & remember that everyone’s immune system is
Yes, maybe it’s a false alert on the deputy but maybe it isn’t. It’s time
to prepare regardless. I just can’t wait to see Obama eat crow on his “0%
Chance” statement. The CDC will lose all respect as an authority soon.
They can only lie for so long. 

Star Sister says:

eh, its not very likely. They say he had some symptoms, but not many. they
are being cautious , but my guess is he is not infected.

Spirits says:

South Africa closed its boarders and not allowing in Any one from imfected
countries inside their borders August . 

Sister Shae says:

What the heck are the tissue paper gown and shoe covers going to do? This
whole thing is a joke!

eleritzo espaider says:

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