Science Visualized: An image of Ebola emerges

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In the last year or so, scientists have seen dangerous outbreaks of hemorrhagic fevers caused by highly contagious viruses such as Lassa and Ebola. These outbreaks raise concerns about emerging pathogens — microbes that have recently jumped from animals to humans or have gone from rare to widespread as human behavior has shifted.

In a perspectives piece in Science November 9, Stephen Gire, a researcher in Pardis Sabeti’s lab at the Broad Institute and Harvard University, and co-authors describe the widespread prevalence and ancient origins of these viruses. They suggest a different reason for why we are seeing more of these diseases: we have become better at spotting outbreaks and diagnosing these deadly viruses. In this video, Gire gives us a behind-the-scenes look at what inspired him to create a striking image that accompanied the perspectives piece.

Learn more about the projects that Gire and his colleagues are working on:

-Sabeti lab homepage (

-Broad Institute Infectious Disease Program (

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Video courtesy of Nick Dua, Broad Communications


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