*Sakurajima Erupts*Unusual Tropical Cyclone*Urban Ebola Congo*Mag.6.2 New Zealand*Bizarre Sounds*

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Christine Din says:

I was thinking DRAGON RISING

lil420lady13 says:

at first sounds like a machine but overtime defintley sounds like something is roaring.

Rebel Studio says:

I see a face in the middle of the lightning strike.

Sioux Rose says:

I am new to your channel and really resonate with your style and presentation. Like you, I have been studying the Earth Changes for more than 30 years. Some of the prophetic sources on this subject include: Edgar Cayce, Moira Timms, Mary Summer Rain, Ruth Montgomery, Jose Arguelles and many others. You are one of the few well-informed, spiritually balanced speakers who reveals the truth that The Great Yin-Yang balance is off and that is why there's such disproportionate emphasis on guns, war, and the domination thing. I would love to speak privately with you. I am an astrologer whose columns have appeared in more than 20 publications (most, on a regular basis). This age HAS been talked about but where is the astrologer welcomed into any public platform who can explain how this phase of transition reflects the "As Above, So Below" Divine equation.

tradin tdon says:

That is what I thought, like a muffled lion`s roar!

Michael Pendergrass says:

That sounded like a beast

Bill H says:

No resources on a floating island, so you still have to deal with the beast.

Gwenna Hedden says:

That noise sounded like a forget. A machine breathing.

deborah sacco says:

The floating breakaway may end up witnessing the boiling sea of wormwood in the worst way. The ocean is a lot of molecules that are moving faster due to cosmic radiation and other events like under ocean volano's etc. Pole shift slosh of the oceans, well think deeply about what why where and when question everything.

deborah sacco says:

Do you want to have a look at the firmament? You have to check out Boogie Man pub.April 27/18 Nibiru makes a glitch in the matrix and shows Firmament, Holographic Sky, Fake Star & GSM Then go to Jeff P May 14th 2018 The glitch in the Matrix and how to see it Plus cloaked Drone cloud ships. If this doesn't get you thinking and moving nothing will ….LOL

William Arm says:

Research HAARP.

M M says:

seems as though the booms are geo-engineering via automated air vortex cannons/hail cannons; mostly used by farmers to prevent crop damage from hail formation in cloud particulates and hail is intensifying and becoming more widespread globally…

Debbie Ward says:

I believe Yemen needs something to wash the blood and death from her streets.

TheRange says:

If its a floating island it would have to be static as couldnt wander into other countries waters! This would mean it would have to be attached to the sea floor somehow. What would happen if a rogue wave/big storm happened?! Would it be covered? Who would clean it?! It would have to be self contained. What would all the people DO? People would have to work on the island. Doing what? What about food? Growing stuff would have to be hydroponic. What about trade? Government? Hospital? etc etc. Sounds a great idea but its VERY hard to live in COMPLETE isolation!!

Robin Steffens says:

First time the SHTF who are they gonna call? Sorry Charlie…

Roselight Cafe says:

Agreed! It sounds like a great dragon or a monster Roaring!. My thoughts exactly

J Mad says:

Sounded like a huge roar to me.

Rose Richardson says:

where is Sakurajima?

Rose Richardson says:

hi, can you please convert kilometers to standard American measures, I am old school, thanks, lol. It would help to grasp the depth of earthquakes, etc. RR

earthling15 says:

Woa that was def more like a roar! Lol :/ scary

Janetta Schuch says:

Not mechanical sound, roaring describes.

Ed DeBolt says:

The weather engineers would destroy floating island in no time. Unless they want to pay for protection from the NWO etc.

Oh Zone says:

Ebola is a Hoax. It was in 2014 so it is now. Research "ebola hoax". Otherwise good video. I'm glad I found you.

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