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Runaway Doctors and Missing Supplies Cripple Care In Ebola-Hit Liberia! | Ebola Videos

Runaway Doctors and Missing Supplies Cripple Care In Ebola-Hit Liberia!

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http://www.undergroundworldnews.com The report paints a grim picture of even the luckiest parts of Liberia, the country hardest hit by the worsening Ebola epidemic in West Africa. A team from…

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3 letters for the cure MMS!!!

Deborah Cheetham says:

My husband had a horrible thought. Could this fear breed a new type of
Terrorism? What if a suicide bomber purposely caught the Ebola virus and
blew himself up at the next big major event? We need to find a cure for
this. That’s the only hope we all have.

MrLogic1971 says:

When the flu season starts and people start showing signs of “flu” at work
etc. How is anyone going to know if people are sick with flu or ebola?
There not. This is the time the majority of the population will start to
freak out if they have been paying any attention to what’s going on. It’s
the perfect storm of fear for Ebola during this coming flu season. It will
be very difficult for ER staff etc. to spot Ebola unless they isolate and
run tests on every person coming in with flu symptoms. The storm is coming.

DAHBOO77 says:

Runaway Doctors and Missing Supplies Cripple Care In #Ebola Hit #Liberia

Kiela Micael says:

That picture is heartbreaking.

L4JRapture says:

NOW is the time to come to Jesus Christ, RIGHT NOW! DON’T WAIT!!!
Please pray, pray, pray for this situation. God bless you all.

partydew1 says:

If you understand authority,,, than it is safe to say God has full
authority, which he gives to us*.. Meaning prayer is more powerful than a
gun.. If you dont want it to come here,, then start to pray. Take your
eyes off you pocket books,, the cable,, the ipods, internet,, gaming….
Find time for God and this will not touch us. Very simple stuff. The
roles are about to be reversed**** the men and their evil plans will
topple, and the reign of the Holy One of Israel,, shall begin. Greater
shall our works be,, hate is our enemy* and all of heaven is ready* Let
the Sons of God arise** amen

Tennille Harvel says:

Live for something. ! Or die for nothing. …!!

Panteras Panteralandia says:

Runaway Doctors and Missing Supplies Cripple Care In Ebola-Hit Liberia!

Cherry pie says:

Its a bit crazy of Obama to send 3,000 american soldiers over there, I mean
what protection do they have, and more to the point what if they get sick
with Ebola, will he have all three thousand brought back?? I mean you have
to say wtf is he thinking, its bad enough that flights are still coming out
from these effected areas, but three thousand how would the hospitals cope
with that amount. IDK just seems they haven’t thought this through, or
maybe they have and they have a plan B.

jleetxgirl says:

Well, help has landed. Our troops, who are having a fit trying to get the
‘tent’ up for 25 cots, are tasked with ‘handling the blood samples’.
What’s the worst that could happen?
Planet seems doomed.

samanthapayne77 says:

1st ebola patient-eric duncan in U.S. dies under the blood moon @ 7:51am.

Robert Myorski says:

These doctors with out boarders r true saints just sad if this is all some
kind of game ! Life as a American has became very sobering for me. We all
need better local government to start I think.

Jeannie Hardesty says:

We need something NEW? “SOMETHING FRESH?” Sounds like you’re pushing FOR
the NWO, there Dahboo.

MrLogic1971 says:

What is the govt going to do if people with sickness get isolated to their
homes during the flu season for 21 days? Are they going to pay people for
lost wages? 

Julie Ann says:

Why are people still so gullible?
The same people that claim to be awake are posting stuff like; I hope they
find a cure soon, I hope they do this or do that?

People…. There has never ever been a disease made without an antidote.
Their not gonna release a disease w/o an antidote just in case the disease
hit home.

We already know they are liars. Do any of you think at some point, a liar
will tell at least one truth? and if so, how would you know when that only
truth will be?

They will save who they want to save and let the undesirable die. Wake all
the way up, get the crud out your eyes, wash your face and widen your eyes.
Ebola was designed to destroy black people and the powers that be will
continue to destroy my people until white people stand up and say enough is

chloe lawes says:

Good thoughts . Yes I mean how much worse have things got to get before we
collectively say you know what you politicians are rubbish and we don’t
need you anymore your all fired Obama camoron especially . Followed by

Ferron Foisy says:

Dahboo7: I really appreciate your thoughts but in the case of Ebola, Ebola
can be cured with colloidal silver. Ebola is not the fear. The Fear is the
fear. The creation of quarantines is the the desired outcome of this
manipulated, managed, and manmade fear. The change you seem to say you
want, something NEW, requires a lot more faith than your typical american
working person can hold onto, having already been forced into the very hard
working poor paradigm, angry and feeling confused and guilty for the lack
of time they get to have as a family. And now add on trying to keep up with
this dirge-like rollout of Ebola information/disinformation campaign. The
image of doctors stealing supplies and running because they are scared of
Ebola is a little like saying lawyers are running from their practices
because of performance anxiety. How about this scenario: it dawns on the
doctors that the people they are trying to save are being used as guinea
pigs regarding this new vaccine and are also being killed off like a fly
near a crisp white shirt…two birds with one stone. You definitely sound
afraid. If you want to expose lies, calm down, follow the smell of money
and dead flesh and try not to be part of the problem. Texas thinks of
itself as an autonomous state and knows how to cover its own ass. So Ebola
had to start in Texas because they would need a long, wide workbench to lay
out all their corruption tools and be ready for whichever way public
reaction moves. Washington next is a no brainier…set up some quarantines
there and then any politician who’s anybody can and will depart Washington
for their new White House in the hills that been being worked on. These
White House mini intruder -events are the beginning of our president not
being safe. All this talk about beheading. How about head-rolling!! Place
people ( quite often women) that you don’t really care that much about in
critical job positions (as it pertains to your long range plans,) and then
roll them when necessary, a kind of cantaloupe head pawn. How about this:
that those doctors are grabbing up the serums to take somewhere to expose
what is in it. Take your colloidal silver before it silently becomes
unavailable. We need you as the incredible researcher you are. Reporters
report. We don’t need talking heads and talking video voice overs stinking
with fear. Since they got access to your computers it’s like you’re peeing
on your own espionage. Stay cool, be the man, think it through Deliberation
wins out over hysteria. For all we really know Mr Duncan was paid a bit of
money to come back to the hospital and play a part out. They’ve given him a
name now because it has been decided he’s dispensable. Don’t forget how
that CDC head wouldn’t say his name and where he was from. It wasn’t known
yet… The next step results of their serum on this man because there are
several messages at play, two of them for sure being that a ‘random
multitude of people must/will die while the guilded serum waits for
hysteria to drive the other multitudes right to its door, money in hand,
children clutched to their sides

G Philip C says:

Is Ebola worse than flu as a contagion?

Tina at Home says:

God bless you and all your efforts to enlighten us, as well.

eddivision15 says:

Yup, three of my sisters are nurses and they all say the same thing. They
will not be going to work if ebola comes to town and they say that most of
their co-workers say the same thing.
They are NOT trained or equipped to handle a level 4 pathogen!

Hurricane Writer says:
David Treat says:

Spread the word, not Ebola

Mista Rai says:

+DAHBOO77 I rate you! You speak for the truth !

Don Hawkins says:

last month 9 or 10 health care workers were murdered before they got into
the little town!
(I would not go for that reason only) ‘O’ has sent 3,000 troops.

Christy FromTexas says:

Thanks very much for what u do :)

Shirley Williams says:

If it’s going to spread here in our country it will spread during the
holidays, flights, trains, bus’s, holiday shoping and especially those
freaking black friday shopping days not to mention all our imported holiday
foods! We’re not having any holidays this year everyone needs to stay home
take that time to appreciate and bless what you have YOUR FAMILY! And TRY
TRY turning off those cell phones and sport shows REMEMBER you may NEVER
get that time again! Just TRY!!

houndjog says:

The enemy comes to Kill Steal and Destroy …. what happened to the video
on the mengenistus vaccine video? Who you working for?

PuabiOfUr says:


Danny Wilten says:

A new way without religious dogma (my religion is the right one… lets
go to war)

Okiya Subaru says:
RUcookoo says:

chem trail that place with Lysol

lady bug2020 says:

EBOLA………welcome to the jungle shun….n,n,n,n,n,n,n,n,n,n,n,n
knees,knees……i wanna watch you bleed….

jaleesha sanderson says:

Obama signed a bill to stop “well” people at the airport with signs of cold
like symptoms. But people are having a problem we with that also.

hobocamper1 says:

So, what’s the news on Duncan’s girlfriend??? Is she sick? or not sick???
Where is she??? still in Texas hidden away???
I can’t be the only one wondering! 

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